Monday, August 18, 2014


Kyun ladki ke sapne nahi hote...Kyun uske pankh apne nahi hote..
Kyun uska koi ghar nahi hota...Kyun apna ghar apna nahi hota....

Kyun bhej dete hai use parayi amanat maankar....
Aur apne ghar mein use paraya maante hai.....
Kya ya reet hai samaaj ki - Kya ye geet hai shay-maat ka
Kyun uske par kaatne ka riwaaj hai ye - kyun uski iss ladayi mein usi ki maat hai

Kyun adhikar use dene se darte hai hum...kya uske andar ki shakti se darte hai hum
Kyun uska har sangharsh bemaani mana jaata hai -
Kyun use rishton ki kashmakash mein - majhdaar mein chhodda jata hai

Kyun wo ek maa-baap ka sapna nahi hoti...Kyun uski unsuni awaaz ki sunwayi nahi hoti....
Kyun wo akeli be-bas samjhi jaati hai...Kyun uske uth-kar chalne pe tauhmat laga di jaati hai

Uske chalne, rukne ko tola-mola jaata hai...
Kyun uski sewa-shiddat ko dikhawa samjha jaata hai....
Gar chalti hai apni dhun mein -to Dhunki kehlati hai....
To kya hua gar wo apni marzi ki raah par chalna chahti hai....

Wo sabke sapno ka ghar bade pyar se sajati hai
To kya hua gar wo - ek sapna jeena chahti hai....
Kyun wo Guroor, wo Sapna aur Sapne se upar nahi hoti...
Kyun uski ek udaan, bardaasht nahi hoti....

Kyun uske adhoore-poore hone par shart samaaj lagata hai
Kyun aisa samjha jaata hai ki uske komal hriday ki awaaz nahi hoti....
Kyun uski dhahkan girvi hai, jeevan hai usme wo koi samaan nahi hoti...
Kya ladki iss samaaj mein - Ek Jaan nahi hoti!!

Kyun uske pankhon mein jaan bharne se sab darte hai....
Kya uski udaan mein - koi shaan nahi hoti...

Kyun uske jeewan ka adhaar sadev doosre se hota hai...
Waise to kehte hai ye dhara jo maa hai - bhi hoti hai ek ladki

Kyun use ladta dekhkar ye maanush bardaasht nahi kar pata hai....
Kyun use lalkaarte hue wo uske charitra pe ghaav lagata hai...
Ruko - dekho ye wahi purush hai jo duniya ke saamne Jai Ambe, Jai Mata ka dharm gyan sunata hai

Yaad rakho ek tum jaisa hi insaan hai ladki
Uski bhi ek pehchaan hai....Uske sapne hai....
Jin pankhon mein bhari us Ishwar ne udaan hai.....
usi Ishwar ka ek vardaan hai- ladki! 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Do Not Struggle Emotions.Be a Survivor.

I believe many of us struggle a lot to keep our faith intact. To keep ourselves from becoming weak, feel lonely or broken. I display strength and do not want to show my emotions even in the most hair rising situations. I believe I have worked hard to be where I am and that has made me tough from outside, I do not want to give away so easily for I still have faith, for I am ready to work harder for few more years’ at least.

We at times do not feel a rush for we want to give life & faith another chance, but we struggle to fight it out. Sometimes we feel difficulty, to express it, to convey it and to make others realize how we feel inside.

At times we feel like this, and at times we find everyone around so preoccupied. Who the hell in this world is around to lend an ear and listen and say that they really ‘do care’? There are times when we will find an answer – ‘No One’.

Do not panic. Do not Struggle. Vent out and gain power from within.

Find friends, share, talk within or shift the focus. Many a times, the problem you are facing will not be understood, people would not accept the fact or show escapism. And it should not worry you, it should not cause pain in your nerves. Lord Shiva says, “If the other person is not ready to fight for himself, and you feel the need to fight for them, Go Fight, for what you do is your Karma and stop thinking about them or why they didn't do it”.

I came across a quote, “If they don’t fight for you, they are not right for you.” Agreed, take the quote in positive spirits. For it doesn't mean they are wrong, it only suggests you need to fight for yourself, keep your focus and follow the right direction. That is the beauty of Karma.

I see lot of intolerance around, people want to find flaws and act at that moment. Decisive acts. Don’t struggle to take a decision. Give the circumstance sometime, let the situation be tolerant enough to sit, accept, understand and opinionated. Anger is an enemy of right decisions. This doesn't mean you become an option for right times, it only means gain strength, think rational and then decide about the situations that cropped because of anger, despair. Do Not Struggle to take Instant Decisions.

Talk to friends, for they are God sends. I am sure most of them will be busy or will not care to revert. They are acquaintances. Find friends not those who are there for a reason or season but those few lifetime friends – who genuinely care.

Do Not Struggle with the fear of big mouths. What has happened or happening was the will of God, learn from your mistakes and move on. Accept the fact and live life. We are not here to exist and spend life. We are blessed with a life to make most of it.

Do not Struggle to make it Big. Just keep focus, keep passion, keep faith and Live it. Be a Survivor and not a Victim.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

There is No Evil.

Two days back I finished the part I of Shiva Trilogy and by the end I got a lesson. There is no evil, this is what the savior is told by a saint when he is in going through the anxious phase of self-guilt, when he is reaching God to answer him whether he has done right or wrong. Whether he has brought an end to the evil or he did a wrong decision.

This is when he is told by a God send, that there is no evil. It is just that people are different in the world over. Rules of one could be the restrictions for other. One could prefer vibrant as happiness and other could feel sober as peace. One could mean no laws second could mean laws for all.

If we think of these things in our regular life, we can find so many answers. Imagine the differences our society has created in the everyday life – the difference in opinions, the choices to be made, all these rights are snatched on the pretext on religion, viewpoints, cast, creed, social status etc.

We are succumbing to the unnecessary reasoning like what dress to wear where, make-up or no-make-up, why eating non-vegan is a crime, why alcoholics are bad people, who people should marry, why a neighbor’s luxury should be envied until we have them too. How money makes someone inferior/superior, how people are getting in a mad-rush to achieve not what gives them happiness but what takes them a level up from others.

People even do not have their own dreams. I feel they never got to dream for they were brought up with the imposed rules, rules which give more sense of achievement then the sense of belonging. Sadly, there are certain customs & values in our Indian system which make people, bound them and force them to restrict their own happiness. But that’s not fair for each one should be taught & brought up with the only one message – ‘there is no evil’, what you did during a certain situation doesn't brand you as good or bad. It is what best could be done at that particular moment.

Start telling yourself right from this moment, “I will fear No Evil”.

Keep Faith. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Growing up needs Courage!

Running away from things is never a good thing. Face it from front is what I have always been taught! What a bad phase it would have been that I had almost thought to not accept the Birthday Wishes because I was cursed for my being and for treating it as a reason to celebrate. The freedom to be me in my own way was gone and I am trying to get to terms with it. 

Now that I am getting messages about Many Happy Returns of the Day, I wonder what people who know of it are trying to say! And then I am telling myself –

Come on! I can’t still keep my happiness for them who treated me as a back-up plan! The post is certainly not about me or I. But it is more about ‘we’. I turned 31 today and I wonder what went wrong and where? I am an individual first and at least that should be taken as it is. I am not asking anyone for any undue favors, I don’t beg you for generated love and never am I going to demand materialist favors.  I firmly believe – every human being on this planet deserves – to be treated with humanity & respect. 

And wondering that I realized, I can abandon myself from the love of friends and family for these are the people who always remind me - that I am certainly 'God's favorite kid.'

I am happy for those who want me to be happy. Those who believed that I am a human and deserve to be treated as one.

I am happy for those who chose to ignore me and all the great memories we co-created. 

I am happy for what happened, at-least I got to know more about life. I learned it quite early and I am sure it saved me a hemorrhage.

I am thankful to the God for giving me this life and to keep me calm enough to realize that we get only one life. 

I am thankful for the people around me who are reason enough to make me believe that life itself is a reason enough to ‘smile’.

I am thankful to people who without knowing about my circumstances, on hearing a timid voice say things like – ‘No you can’t be tired yet – you have a long way to go’

I am thankful to my younger brother- who said, ‘It is my sister’s birthday so that should be a reason enough for you to celebrate’

I am thankful for Google Doodle which read, ‘Happy Birthday Jigyasa’ as I launched chrome this morning on my machine. 

I am thankful to my grandparents for wishing me the most genuine wishes of my day as they make me realize that I was born special and still hold that special place in their hearts and mind.

I am thankful to friends who took time to wish me and those who surprised me my doing so. 

Alas, I am thankful and may God always make my life one; to be thankful of.

All this makes life a little simpler and helps me breathe feeling, ‘I am thankful to be’. And then I found this tweet as the day was coming to an end – “You can’t fight every battle. Choose which ones are worth fighting and let the others go."

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Twisted Tales of Karma!

Often I have seen people blaming karma for what is happening around them. They play double standards I believe – On one side, they worship God and try to please him for their own fancies and on the other hand they blame the karma – how is that possible?

Either God or you yourself should be held responsible for it. You cannot keep on shifting preferences and hence allegations. Why can’t humans take charge? Why do they need to depend on others to take their own decision? If this is a societal role – then what role does the society plays in handling troubles of an individual? Ah! Yes they listen and console and sometimes make some stories too.

Life is about living with peace and happiness around you, in your soul. You must practice it. Have a dream and live for it. That is your Karma, God has sent you on this earth for that very reason.

The society only acts as a big hurdle. Few days back, I came across a saint, I found out he completed his Doctorate degree and has written numerous books. I was even more impressed to talk to him. His academic talent created a belief in me that he isn’t a God man; he is an anchor and may be a better human being who has got lot many things to share with me.

I asked him, I have heard that there are many phases of life which a man/woman should go through and that makes them complete, so is it really so? Does it works like that? Do we need to prove the completeness to the society by following their whims?

And he said, NO.

He further said, it is your Karma that makes a life complete or incomplete. It is not through worship, life phases and your subsequent achievements like an education, a career, and mother hood for that matter.  He explained that it is your ‘Karma’ that makes a life, a birth complete or incomplete and nothing else.

If you are using the food you consume and the energy it creates in a right way for a good cause, that is karma and that is what makes you complete or incomplete. It is the deeds that count and not the parameters set by the society. He says if you know what you are doing is good, live courageously and follow the path.

He said all this in so simple words and I for once felt that he came like a God send to help me get better in life, to start living beyond the twisted tales of Karma.

He gave me few books to read and I came back content. I was happy that God has a plan for me and he has hinted me about it.

I am doing my karma…..are you?