Saturday, January 15, 2011

A long year ahead..! Stay Hopeful!

Just hope is what I could thought of while saying good byes to the year gone by. Chasing targets is how my last year went though, targets I defined for myself and the pressure to perform and prove that why I believed in me and also to stand firm on the faith that my closed ones shown in me. I always kept on for hoping against all hopes....yeah most of the times it worked! I have learnt and I am learning. I still have targets but this year I have decided to go calm....the chase will continue but I will keep the peace. Peace of mind n soul.

The beginning has haven't been so easy....initial 15 days...the year knocked with struggle at work, stress of various kinds, lot of travel and yet again I am hopeful and I will work towards my goals. God is gracious and I am sure he will never let me loose the hope.

And with Hope, I have got the plans...and I will gain clarity. I am working towards my goals. I am removing the clutter...getting focussed and besides all I am calm & going!

Keep Faith. Keep Hope!

Have a Hopeful 2011 :)