Saturday, January 15, 2011

A long year ahead..! Stay Hopeful!

Just hope is what I could thought of while saying good byes to the year gone by. Chasing targets is how my last year went though, targets I defined for myself and the pressure to perform and prove that why I believed in me and also to stand firm on the faith that my closed ones shown in me. I always kept on for hoping against all hopes....yeah most of the times it worked! I have learnt and I am learning. I still have targets but this year I have decided to go calm....the chase will continue but I will keep the peace. Peace of mind n soul.

The beginning has haven't been so easy....initial 15 days...the year knocked with struggle at work, stress of various kinds, lot of travel and yet again I am hopeful and I will work towards my goals. God is gracious and I am sure he will never let me loose the hope.

And with Hope, I have got the plans...and I will gain clarity. I am working towards my goals. I am removing the clutter...getting focussed and besides all I am calm & going!

Keep Faith. Keep Hope!

Have a Hopeful 2011 :)


Chakoli said...

hey Happy new year to you too....
I knw its late... just that today is 1st feb :)))

and yup I always follow that "Keep Faith " :DD

Jigyasa said...

Thanks Chakoli! And yeah....I believe that its better late then never!

Stay hopeful. Keep Faith :)

Jack said...


Never ever lose HOPE. That is what keeps all of us going. Wish you all the best for your efforts to keep chasing targets but with calm and peace of mind.

Take care

PS : Sorry for the late visit but you know the reasons.