Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birthday Thoughts...:)

Yesterday morning….while I entered into another b'day of my life...I had some thoughts. Though I got calls from my family at 12 the night before and they were happy to wish me a happy birthday. They are happy that I am here….I exist as a part of their life.

Similarly, I am glad that I am given a chance to be me. Sometimes we have to be glad about ourselves. This morning that is what I told God and I thanked him to be with me like always. I thanked him for giving me the courage, the patience and the zeal to do things for good. Then I remembered my guru’s who are always by my side preaching goodness and instilling faith in me.

Then came those good people who remembered me, few have been with me for a reason or a season. But my goodness, the wishes were inspiring and made my day. I felt a little more special and I smiled. I am at peace that, they exist and I am glad I exist in close proximity of such wonderful people.

I am putting in here something which a teammate now friend sent to me yesterday morning. We have a relationship filled of respect and mutual admiration. I am going to cherish this gesture…the time spent on creating this for me, makes me feel special and worthy of finding happiness in little things. Isn’t it beautiful?

Stepping on a birthday ladder brings so many more queries in my mind. Life seems to be curious like me…..growing up is fun as it brings me to peace, keeps me calm and serene. I have learnt to keep patience, to give, to share and to be happy. I have learnt it is all a state of mind.

I worry about my anger – especially when I can’t control it with my mom. She still is the most tolerant when it comes about me. But then she understands the feelings, the unexpressed lot which bounces out only when she is around. I hope I get better this year on this front.

Recently, I have realized at times I am too vulnerable. I want to work towards that. I tend to lose spirits quite easily and start dreaming of a free-bird life which is practically difficult. But whatever be the case – I am truly the same freespirit – aspiring & dreaming big which each passing day :)