Monday, May 28, 2012

Resilient Decisions

 Recently, I had written briefly about celebrating decisions. May be that was the result of a happy mind set, a content soul. And today after reading some posts of my friends – I am once again contemplating about the decisions. Yes, one must celebrate decisions and to celebrate them you need to stick to them, work on them and live them.

Today I am wondering – is it good to postpone decisions for the sake of today.

May be it is. Situations and circumstance do not remain same all the time.  It becomes tough to concentrate and keep the positivity switch on. But then, this isn’t completely impossible.  Yes, it is easier to find reasons and excuses but at the same time – it is easier to find the solutions and tough to execute them. Sometimes things just don’t click but that certainly doesn’t mean we should stop. That only suggests that we need to walk another mile.

People won’t understand you all the time. They aren’t supposed to do so. We have to keep our great expectations – fine tuned.  You would know the reasons and your job is to correct the incorrect, do not fall prey to negative environment around you. Remember, you have a dream and you have decided to celebrate that dream by living it up. Remember, no matter what it is today or how it is today but tomorrow you have to shine.

If it is not happening NOW

Then believe it and work towards it. If something is not happening now that doesn’t means something will never happen. It is in our hands, our own mind. Remember, if something is not clicking today that doesn’t mean it won’t click tomorrow too. Remember, every day is a new day and we have got to try hard. Honest efforts are bound to give results – it’s just that they take a little while.

Do not regret

Regret is a complete no. We shall not regret for the things those are gone by. It worked or not – regret won’t do any help. Yes, constant efforts should be there so that we do not regret about the time wasted with wrong people, negative emotions and lazy surroundings. Remember, once we realize a wrong it shall be instantly made right. There is not right or wrong time to do the right thing. Get up and get going.

Remember, if you are sure of what you want and you ensure what you have decided is achievable. It is achievable. Resilience and Perseverance backed with right efforts are certainly the magic traits.