Friday, November 18, 2011

We turn Two!

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Turning 2 feels like turning 22. Remember, when one has to leave the college and suddenly enter the corporate world…. Ah! We are all very excited and yeah so thrilled about the money part…hehe. Not only that’s an experience, a way forward, a new chase- it is a lot more then all of that. It is about identity, self-growth, ambitions, respect, money, goals etc.

The journey this year was difficult and taught me that sometimes it is about the strength of mind and heart which is majorly required to go on. Initial success comes handy for few – now as I turn older by one more year – I feel the same happened to me. Though deep inside I am aware that my last year’s B’day note was about the initial struggle to setting up a business and strive to stick and make others believe on my conviction about 30TH FEB and this being the ‘the thing’ for me.

Nevertheless, the journey is still on as I share this. But yes, growing up is difficult. Because when you know you have started all you can think of about is – to get ahead and cross the new deadlines – the short ones and the long ones. I have the goals and I have the faith.

Build Resilience

Fight those feelings. In a business, it is very easy that a gap will only cause negativity. There will be difference in opinions and thoughts. People will never feel the same about your venture/ job/ dreams like you feel. And the sooner we understand this – the better we get.

Decisions and Choices

Entrepreneurs must learn to follow their heart. They shall learn to listen to all and shall follow the right, as advocated by their heart and mind. Choosing the right is difficult but if you trust the choice you made – you will never be disappointed. Remember, it was your decision and unnecessary expectations will only complicate.

There are many decisions which stuck us up on the ethical points, conscience differs with logic and trends – follow your instinct so that you have nothing to repent later. Remember, choices are good and we are answerable to ourselves. Choose between right & wrong. Decide between gut & conscience. Believe in what you feel and do it.


Remember, any venture, exercise, mission needs to be fuelled regularly.  Many people talk about keeping the focus but now after two years of entrepreneurial journey I feel focus is not enough if you are not fuelling your aspirations with right efforts. Remember, the efforts have to be oriented in the right direction.
Everything I said above is something I have learnt and experiencing each day. I am growing as an entrepreneur and I have to grow in person, in belief, in goals, in faith and all that will come if I am able to grow my business, my dream, my passion.

Today is been an anxious day. I had something in my mind – yes, my venture turned 2 and I turned 2 as an entrepreneur, a risk-taker, a myopic and what not…I had got many names and still called up, looked upon with lot of names like that.

And today, on the birthday of my dream which I dared to live – my mind was in a wandering state!

Wandering – about where I stand today? I am two year old – monetarily I have been ok. Individually I am well and know what I have been doing. Personally – win some, loose some. Ah! Overall I had the good and the bad moments. The moments of truth and the moments of joy – I had many of them. I am at peace about my decision. I am anxious on what next? How to take the leap?

I am sure - it’s time for next leap.  Next year, I need to be a better person with a better post and some better plans. Until then – it’s a Happy New Beginning for another year! And I am loving it.

Happy Birthday to my entire team. 


Monday, November 14, 2011

One more try! One more time!

Ahh…one more time it happen that life got obsessed about causing troubles for me. How sad I felt? How sad I felt – that it realized one more time - I will survive. One more time it realized - that I will survive. One more time – it happened.

This time I was quiet, calm and surprised. I am surprised and once again shouted in exile – why me? Why me – one more time. Yes, it shakes me, shocked me and waked me in the middle of the night one more time.  One more time – it happened.

I noticed the curves which arrived just like that. I noticed the hurdles which arose just as I was about to take the leap. I noticed the hurdles – one more time. One more time – it happened.

She knocked at the moment of joy, shocked me with the unleashed try, soaked me and choked me with the unknown airs and unknown flights. I am glad and thankful – I gave it another plight one more time. One more time – it happened.

I lost it – yes the hope. I hoped it- one more time. Yes, I hoped for the hope against hope. I got the hope one more time. One more time – it happened.

She left me – yes the inspiration. I chased it for one more time. Yes, I got it one more time and I inspired Life. One more time – it happened.

Dreams are the ones– which keep you alive. One more time – I realized. One more time I dream to fly. Sharing this – I don’t feel shy.  Dreams are dreams – keep them alive, live them up and they will keep you alive.

To fight the unknown and the recurring unwanted sights – looks for signs, the signs of reigns. Look for people – who are good signs, who talk positive and keep a balanced mind. Stay aloof from the feelings of spoof. Give up on those who hit on hopes, give up on the feelings of wrongs. But when it comes to your dreams and hope – Never, Never, Never Give up!

Think positive one more time. One more time – you smile.