Thursday, August 26, 2010

A friend to talk……an ease to life’s walk :)

Though we are all running too fast in life but then…….for lighter moments we all had with our F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I am posting it...

Nothing serious but I have been feeling like having a cup of coffee with a friend. May be for detoxification but its very much required. After marriage, it so happened that I could never stay at a city where one of my closest friend was around and this I feel would have sorted so many issues with just a coffee or shopping – had she been around.

There are so many things that we need to share, talk or for that matter puke out to someone to feel relief. Yes, our closest ones are always around – hubby, mom-dad, sister, brother etc but a friend is a friend. At times when a friend is not around we end up blabbering things to a wrong fellow which is neither good nor suggested.

Though technology has made things easier – we have phones/mobiles/internet etc but still a cozy chat with a friend is a stress buster and nothing can beat it.

Shriti – my friend from my MBA Days had just called and I feel nice right now. Infact the thought to write this, cropped after we ended the call. She too was like – had we been in one city atleast we could have walked out for shopping, a movie, a lunch or for that matter just a walk together. Ah! I wish. Another one of that kind I have is Sunalini, she too stays in a different city but then, we had moved out for professional commitments. Though chances to meet her are little more frequent but then at times during those blank moments – I wish we had been in the same city.

And now after you get married………enter a family life, work for both roles, its kind of difficult to make new friends. Even if we make one – I guess it would be difficult to reach that kind of a comfort level.(Though for me it happened, I met Sunalini in the new city & new company I had joined after I got married). Still it seems little difficult to me. I wish I had a friend around – always!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Independent India - Independent Indians!

‘Azaadi Mann ki’ is what I feel for on the 63rd Independence Day of my country. Have been wondering by myself….since all the TV Channels have been intriguing – What is freedom for us. The country which is known for its diversity & youth (as we have the maximum young population) is suffering from social evils in one form or the other. Every age group, each geography, all religions are busy fighting their own battles. So does that mean – we need the independence from the evil shackles of diversity? May be!

In one go – I thought we still need to fight for Independence! We shall fight for –

Independence from Corruption
Independence from Fear – of traveling publicly
Independence from Honor Killings
Independence from Child Labor
Independence from Women Exploitation
Independence from Poverty
Independence from Terrorism

Independence from Inhibitions – Azaadi to be ‘ME’

While thinking of my own self, my opinion – I think we need to be independent from our inhibitions. I wish I could. Deep inside when we are aware of something, that thing which our heart, our mind doesn’t concents for and we keep doing. All of us have said that’s life – sometime or the other but how many actually thought of confronting the wrongs in life leaving aside the attitude of self-righteousness. Confronting doesn’t mean fighting for it but atleast showing the courage to face it as it is and not just ignoring the dwelling fact.

Next could be ‘Azaadi jeene ki’, Independence to live the way one wants. That doesn’t mean adopting false practices too but atleast living the way of life one wants to live with. Society by n large plays a role in devising what life we want & how we want to lead. I would beg to differ here…and would request for a little more air to our minds which resist thinking just because its other to the Do’s and Don’ts. Can we have some air please?

And also ‘Azaadi Sapno ki – Khwahishon ki’, yes Independence to Dream & Aspire is important. Infact very important. For dreams add fire to life. Aspirations are like air to the wings and help you fly high.

Most Importantly, ‘Azaadi to be ME’. Yes. Yes. Yes. This is what everyone wants, each of us crave for. This does not mean not be told anything (like the difference between wrong & right)– but atleast not be forced to be like others. To be like the way your spouse wants you to be. To be like the neighbors kid who got into the merit list. To be someone whom world admires. To be a cricketer because its happening. To be someone who does things in his/her own way. But just to be one. Azaadi to be ‘ME’

As for today, Happy Independence Day! Chak De India...