Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kohima Diaries - 2

Well… I had said…..more about the villages in Nagaland in my next post. Saturday the February 12, 2011 we went for shopping in the Main Town Market & the other popular markets in Kohima. Please note it’s a very self-suffice place, self manufactured and self-consumed principle is what still rules the city. Though we get real fashionable stuff from Bangkok, China etc but still what was breath-taking here was the tribal jewelery and the simplicity of tribal attires….which can be still fashionable in their own b’ful ways. So, when it comes to shopping – I bought real good tribal jewelery which do take care of the minute details and are again all handmade. Now I have a collection of jewelery of various tribal communities like – Angami, Lotha, Aao etc. Then how can a girl resist buying – Handbags. Oh! I really got some good ones here. A bit of tit-bits here n there….some hand woven boxes, Angami mufflers etc are another picks.

Sunday the 13th, my so very sweet students took me to a nearby village as I had shared my desire to visit a village and see the actual Nagaland. Like they say…… if cities are the face of a state….villages is the heart. We went to – ‘Jakhama’ few kms up from Kohima (Picture above – Window to Nagaland). And you can vouch of the serenity it offers. There is a huge Jakhama ground in the village where the village functions are to held and celebrated. And there again you will find the hut shaped stands in the ground depicting various tribes who are the majority residents of Jakhama. Post that we had gone to the St.Joseph College, which is a home away from home; offering various courses, again a very calm and wonderfully managed premise. Since, it was a Sunday we couldn’t witness the real uproar of a college kind of place.  (Picture above)

Beautiful memories and I truly enjoyed the visit. I hereby would like to Thank - Seno, Apong, Zabu & Samuel for making my day a forever cherish able.

Coming up next would be visit to War Cementry & the tank we discovered from World War II…


Mohit said...

Your post at once brings to my mind - vision of a place, where everything is balanced, made and consumed locally, people using old world barter to give and take. Where there is joy on the face of people.. not the stress of rushing for a movie in a cramped theater or thoughts about the emails lying unanswered in one's mailbox.
Anyways, look forward to your next post - specially details about war museum.. :)

Jigyasa said...

Indeed very peaceful and balanced. No worries...people here live with the nature....and are in no rush to prove anything to anyone or even to self....I now wonder,

If this is life...what are we upto?

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