Monday, February 21, 2011

Kohima Diaries- 3, Kohima War Cementry

When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say,
For Their Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today"

Saturday, we visited the Kohima War Cementry. I have never been to such a place before so it was slightly difficult for me to explore and learn about such a place where a war was fought and people had died saving that place.

It was even disheartening to know that there also lay the graves of warriors who died an unknown death as their identities couldn’t be traced. My heart mellowed thinking about their families. Rohit, my husband who has a deep interest in history told me about the Tennis Court around which the British Indian troupes fought the Japanese.

Though I was happy that people here are proud of this place and CWG is maintaining it in a very respectful way. It is not commercialized though it always flashes on Nagaland Tourism. You can actually read out the names of those who fought here and lost their lives, those who were in any which way a part of those battalions.

Walking down from the War Cementry- we found an Aircraft which was very much a part of World War II but is now placed inside the Governor’s residing premises so we couldn’t click it. But it was devastating to find the tank of World War II in such a pathetic condition with lot of beer bottles, canes and filth loitered around.  We wondered – why in the world is the government ignorant about this.

All in all – a great experience with lot of mingling thoughts about those who actually gave their lives for our today and tomorrow. 


Mohit said...

Let us do something - not for self, but for those who will call planet earth their home, after we are gone.

Such experiences can at times be life altering. At the very least it makes one appreciate the sacrifices of unknown martyrs.

Jigyasa said...

Absolutely Mohit....we visited the war cementry again! And that shows why the people out here are so proud of that very place...there is no eateries...just the graves but it still helps a soul to visit the place!

Magic...isn't it?