Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kohima Diaries

Picture this: 3 weeks - No Television. No Internet. No Newspaper!

Well! Last Sunday, around this time…I was worried, tensed and wondering as how in the world am I going to stay & more importantly survive here for 3 weeks! Though the place, where I am staying is all nice, neat & organized but there is no Television and the day I reach there was no internet connection. I felt like I am going to be in some real trouble –as I will be staying in this aloof building which is one of the safest places to stay over in the city. But somehow I realized that it’s an opportunity to connect to nature and to connect to myself.

The people here are in their own worlds, they don’t bother because majority of them are not aware of the speed with which we live in the metros out there. They are self-sufficient & satisfied in their own beautiful ways. They do something or the other for their livelihood and they manage – really well at times! Other thing which I like about this place is the simplicity & their love for the region & community. They are very humble, proud and accepting about where they belong to, unlike the people back who at times even hesitate to accept about their roots being coming from a small town or may be a village.

Youth here is like friendly, sincere, lazy at times and involved in some activity or the other. There are Church activities, Music trainings, and Part-time schools, Student Unions of each of the 16 tribal communities to work for and keep oneself busy. There is no run, no competition, no jealousy and hence no problem. They have aspirations and they have dreams but there is no rush of any kinds.

Sundays here are too peaceful & calm. It’s a complete rest day and the markets almost resemble to the curfew clad metro city. Even some of the getaway joints, lounges are closed on Sundays – Imagine Delhi/Mumbai or Bangalore like that! Most of us will get panicky even on this thought. Restaurants are open here from 10am – 6pm.

Food preferences are mostly towards non-vegetarian preparations. Incidentally that’s the biggest challenge for me to survive – even after a weeklong stay. We do get vegetarian food but very few options and even less variety.  There are a lot of bakeries here and that’s why you don’t get branded breads here, because they prepare their own stuff.

Western clothes are quite popular among youth but at the same time you will see a lot of ladies wearing traditional dress called ‘Myekhala’ which is hand woven in different colors & threads depending on the tribal community. The jewellery patterns & colors also vary from community to community, but you get real exquisite ones.

Overall it’s a different place – a different world of its own.

More to come about my shopping experience and visit to the village ‘Jakhama’ and other tourist destinations!

P.S:I managed to get Internet & Newspaper! 


Rup said...

Nagaland is also quite good with its young crowd playing good music.. especially guitar... dont know if u find them in that village.. but all the people i have met from there are too good with their taste of music.. :) :)

have fun...

Jigyasa said...

@ Rup

Yes, you are right! Though I haven't come across anyone playing a guitar but heard a lot about their love for music. And besides almost all the youngsters here are involved into music - some at church, some in student groups and others at sunday schools etc..

Mohit said...

It is great if one can learn to live with less. Less options, simple choices.. guess you will come back richer and with more peace within. Are you bringing a 'MyeKhala'as a souvenir.

Jigyasa said...

@ Mohit

Yes, in a way life has become simpler though I am aware it's for a few days but after a long time I am living with absolutely no rush..for each day I have a plan and that is it...I finish my work and my mind is at peace.

About 'Myekhala'...I did try one and it was quite an impressive outfit with all the tribal jewellery n there are chances you will find me flaunting one - even in Delhi!

Mohit said...

Brief moments of joy in midst of a long week are enough to make life worth living .. and like anything there is spill-over effect........ 'Myekhala'looking forward..

Ashish Barnwal said...

Perfect time to meet Nirvana. when u keep aside ur fast metro life n look on to make your life more meaningful.. Philosophical huh !!!

N-joy ....:)

Jigyasa said...

@ Ashish

Yeah! It's live resourcefully even when resources are few! Am enjoying :)

ANAGHA said...

the entire write up builds a serene and beautiful place in my mind ...
I wish we can be a part of such routine and still be happy. But I am sure you utilizing this time for yourself to the max ... enjoy !!!


beautiful place to purify your body, mind and soul.. life is beautiful in kohima without news papers, no scams, no share market can do soul searching ..innovative ideas so that when you go back you will be more focused,meaningful to your lofe and activities as well..all the best

Jigyasa said...

@ Anagha

Yes Anagha! After some initial cribbing....I thought of trying a life from the angle of the locals....and its working!

Thanks for dropping by!

Keep Smiling!

Jigyasa said...

@ Prof.S.Shajahan

Agreed & Convinced Sir! Pleasure to see you here, on my space.....thanks for the wishes :)