Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dream of Cinderella

O! Rain Showers, come on again
Let the Peppy flowers blossom one more time
Mushy weather but it pleases all,
A Cuppa of coffee and no one is alone,
The teeming noise, it’s like a surprise,
Ah! Whenever you com, you just mesmerize
Come on Rain showers, come on again!

Look at the farmers, they wait for so long
They get drenched in sweat all the time
And wait for you to make their land wet-wet
Come on Rain Showers, come on again!

Look at the city traffic, Oh my! That’s stuck
Honking jams, everyone so awestruck
They want to reach home and sip some coffee
I wish the traffic moves and let the nature get cozy.

Look at the trees and the plants
I am falling in love with green..
If your aren’t in a hush-hush
Look the weather, Wow! It turns serene
Did you notice the surroundings?
The colorful- sparkling umbrellas
As the weather turns like a Dream of Cinderella
Come on Rain Showers – come on again!