Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hopeless Dream!

I have a hopeless dream – hopeless because I live in the country where my dream has got no credibility to it. It’s wrong, hypothetical and may be too imaginary. My dream is all about respect, all about trust, it’s about equality being followed & practiced. It’s about empowerment too.

It’s about giving wings. It’s about giving space. I dream about peace. It needs to change the definition of love &marriage. It shall mean not to demean the other half. It’s about controlling anger. It’s about sharing with equal rights. It’s about women & their condition. It’s about the hopelessness of parents on the name of social status. I dream about a girl being heard and spared an ear for. I dream that ‘adjustment’ shall not be the only word left for a married women in lieu of her love.

She shall be blamed & cursed when she is actually at fault but not just for the false ‘ego’. She shall be respected for her own dreams & aspirations. Her worth shall not be all about the faults & her weaknesses. She should be allowed to survive with a little individuality.

It’s such a hopeless dream. But I am writing for a hope against all hopes.