Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A haunting night of an accident:|

It was 11pm and we were returning back to home after meeting my grand mom in Delhi. We were talking over and driving at 70-80 like all other cars on the MG road. A sudden jolt made us realize that our car is hit and then those scary few seconds while our Car rotated on the road and got hit again on the right side. By the time I came to senses, I realized that we are alive and now our car is stopped after a 280 degree round.

As I poked on the side….I could see the white Ford Endeavor, the driver of which had lost control and hit us. Eventually I found myself telling Rohit to keep calm as outside we could see some guys who were very much in control of alcohol. He just got down after instructing me to call 100. The guys seemed to us as educated men who actually had realized that they were at mistake and have done what was already done to us. I was still explaining the episode to the guys on 100 and then PCR with a shivering voice while they very leisurely kept on asking whether the accident took place in Gurgaon or Delhi etc etc.  

Anyways while the people who hit had readily agreed to get our car re-done as they were aware that they are the ones who are under the influence of alcohol and they just hit us for no mistake of ours.  And then as we were talking to them, one more gentleman who was there told that actually it was him who got hit first and then as his Santro moved towards the side lane with a tyre burst we were the ones who suffered drastically. 

During all this, no one from the PCR could reach the site in 40 minutes. I was disgusted as this gentleman said that our little car would be done in few bucks and they will have to get their endeavor will cost too much; where I just reminded them that it is them who are drunk and it is them who smashed us for no reason. Then there were other notorious passer-by who commented that one should not worry about accidents in slang like accent & tampered speech – again due to alcohol. Then were those who got at the scene & were ready to fight for them – I must mention they were not acquainted to them. I still feel so bad & shocked.

We spent entire yesterday sorting the matter out as the gentleman who had hit us after coming to senses started negotiating on the car compensation. On an FIR, the Hyundai guy refused to even be mentioned as his Dad refused and moreover he requested that he shall not even be named as an eyewitness. Those who were totally at wrong wanted to pay half the money as now they were arrogant enough in telling that – how will we prove they were drunk? And the PCR very rudely asked us over the phone, if we need help after the ford endeavor had left the scene on the eventful night after exchanging the phone numbers. I am so glad that there were no causalities as I am sure why the number of deaths is too high in our country because they enquire so much on phones that a vulnerable dying life cannot be sustained.

While I still recover from this shock, our car is under repair as we share the expense borne due to some irresponsible class of youth in the series of an unfortunate hit & again hit case.  Still I would say that they are cooperating, may be because they realized the mistake or may be because of fear.

I am glad that we are saved & I am glad that we have friends who stood by us while the others gave reasons of no concerns. While we can always forget & forgive anything….those few seconds when the car was rotating & we survived being hit from front are haunting. But I keep faith & thank god for he stayed by our side and we survived.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Keep Hope - Anyway.

Yesterday evening while walking in my balcony, I suddenly felt that it’s good to take it easy. Believe me I had been going through a terrible mindset with the series of event in the last fifteen days.  A person as positive as me got hit by circumstances and I started feeling shattered. As a result of which, I couldn't do my work at all, concentration – is been taken by thoughts of unreasonable people at work, complicated business scenario, hiding luck, unbelieving parents, TV remote, Facebook, chats etc. I have been actually thinking of dropping all the ambitions, projects, my dream run and everything. I reached a stage of comparisons & complaints. Gosh! And then I found this picture…for some reason I had kept it on my desktop.

Situations can be turned memorable with a smile -Keep Hope
Yes, it is up to me whether I come back to my sacred space with peaceful mindset of keep worrying about the currently loitering life. Every morning I wake up with a plan and sleep at night cribbing about another waste day.  Earlier if it was an 8 hours of productive work a day, now it is only 1 hour (I still doubt on that). Today I thought to share and unleash the burden. Believe me; I should be working right now…huh!

Now I took a break and tried to concentrate on my work. And guess what – there were things which disturbed me and then there are equal ways to release the tensions and I am so glad that I am slowly getting out of this phase also.In the meantime the following happened and I am happy that it happened:

My friend called me and we had a conversation for an hour – Ah! I am so relieved and then my other friend advised me through my blog – in a patient scolding manner and I am pretty much back on track.  I am so glad they exist.  I am getting geared up for my next project.

Things which disturbed me are like work situations, unreasonable clients, family pressures etc but then

People are unreasonable- we need to forgive them anyway. Right!

Situations are not always as we want. We need to face them –anyway.

Efforts are always counted but at times results get delayed. Make efforts - anyway.

And believe me; it is good to take it easy. But we need to work hard –anyway. 

Life do turns hopeless. Keep Hope - anyway.