Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Keep Hope - Anyway.

Yesterday evening while walking in my balcony, I suddenly felt that it’s good to take it easy. Believe me I had been going through a terrible mindset with the series of event in the last fifteen days.  A person as positive as me got hit by circumstances and I started feeling shattered. As a result of which, I couldn't do my work at all, concentration – is been taken by thoughts of unreasonable people at work, complicated business scenario, hiding luck, unbelieving parents, TV remote, Facebook, chats etc. I have been actually thinking of dropping all the ambitions, projects, my dream run and everything. I reached a stage of comparisons & complaints. Gosh! And then I found this picture…for some reason I had kept it on my desktop.

Situations can be turned memorable with a smile -Keep Hope
Yes, it is up to me whether I come back to my sacred space with peaceful mindset of keep worrying about the currently loitering life. Every morning I wake up with a plan and sleep at night cribbing about another waste day.  Earlier if it was an 8 hours of productive work a day, now it is only 1 hour (I still doubt on that). Today I thought to share and unleash the burden. Believe me; I should be working right now…huh!

Now I took a break and tried to concentrate on my work. And guess what – there were things which disturbed me and then there are equal ways to release the tensions and I am so glad that I am slowly getting out of this phase also.In the meantime the following happened and I am happy that it happened:

My friend called me and we had a conversation for an hour – Ah! I am so relieved and then my other friend advised me through my blog – in a patient scolding manner and I am pretty much back on track.  I am so glad they exist.  I am getting geared up for my next project.

Things which disturbed me are like work situations, unreasonable clients, family pressures etc but then

People are unreasonable- we need to forgive them anyway. Right!

Situations are not always as we want. We need to face them –anyway.

Efforts are always counted but at times results get delayed. Make efforts - anyway.

And believe me; it is good to take it easy. But we need to work hard –anyway. 

Life do turns hopeless. Keep Hope - anyway.


Roy world said...

Very well written jigyasa. I could relate to your narration remembering all those times that I have found myself lost and felt the urge to give up everything. But like you said, let's keep the faith going and hope for the best :)

Chakoli said...

ahhhhh.. each word an statement holds true:)

good one :D

Jigyasa said...

@ Durba

Good to see you here...and glad you could relate. Sp keep faith...keep smiling :)

@ Chakoli

Thanks..Chaks! Statements..ahhh!

Jack said...


We all go through such phases in life sometime or the other. If we give up efforts in despair even once that starts reoccurring. Not that one should be bullheaded but there should be flexibility to change gears if needed but not apply brakes. And always take a break, even short one, to do something to your liking when is such state of mind.

Take care