Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mein Jigyasa...!!!!

Mein Jigyasa

Mein jigyasa
Sochu apni paribhasha
Kuch sehmi, kabhie nidarr
Kabhi nathkhat, kabhie niraash
Pairon mein zanzeerien par sapna mera chand ke paar,

Aaj khush hun….to jee jaungi..
Kal dukhi to….toot jaungi..
Chahun na koi sahara…samjhu khud ko besahara
Koi shaq nahi khud par…Shaq karti hun mein kismat par…
Udne ko parr failayun….aur hawa ke rukh ko badla paun…
Aasan manzil ho jati hai mushkil….
Jaane jeekar kya ho haasil..
Khushi se jeene ki har koshish…
Upri haansi aur andar kashish…

Chahun sabko hasta paun….
Kayi baar chahe apni khushi gawaun….
Rakhna sabko khush na paun….
Is dukh se phir bikhar mein jaun…
Kuch na kehkar mein gussa dikhaun….
Gar keh bhi du to khud ko akela mein paun..
Seham kar zindagi se; chup ho jaun…
Aur phir jeene ki alakh jagaun…

Mein jigyasa
Sochu apni paribhasha…
Khud mein khud ko dhoondti hun…
Mein murjhayein phoolon ko bhi umeed se soongti hun..
Hansti hun choti si baat par…
Kisi aur ka dukh dekhkar ro deti hun…
Kehti phirun mein sabse….khud jee sakti hun
Sab hote hai sang mere….
Lekin, akele mein khud ko mein tanha paun
Aur is tanhayi ke liye kuch kar na paun..
Thak kar apni in baton se….
Mein phir se khud ko samjhaun…
Khush rehne ki alakh jagaun
Aaankhein moond apni khushiyon ki
Muskaan liye sapno ki duniya mein kho jaun

Mein Jigyasa
Sochu apni paribhasha.......:-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Culture, Contempt & Helplessness

Yesterday a quick interaction with a friend made me think hard on our discussion. I was at work, I met the deadlines and finished my days work but at the back of my mind these thoughts were on like the background music score. I had decided that I am going to blog it, once I reach home. And then from last 2-3 hours, I was thinking for the apt title, it has got to convey the message or at least trigger the visitor to read and react to it. Because its everywhere, we have all faced it but just ignored it, may be!

We were just talking about a usual boss-colleague interaction and suddenly my friend

R said: “He was flirting, girl”

Response: Let him flirt then, how it affects me

R: But tell me, does it happens with all girls out there?

Response: Depends if the boss is like that, you get to realize that he/she is flirting

R: But I sometimes wonder, in sometime even I will marry a girl who will be a working professional by all ways, will she be facing the similar things? I wonder….huh

Response: Well might be, but that’s completely fine till the girl can handle such things, stays dignified and confident. I think nothing can go wrong that ways. And in extreme cases, one always chooses to quit.

R: But you know, we men especially Indians, know about the world out there, and feel helpless at times. Basically we want to protect our partner from all such things but then why to take the liberty to work from someone who is not at all wrong.

Response: Till the time one is confident about his/her partner, I don’t see a reason to feel contempt about this, because else one will have to change the world which is not as easy as said.

Well, on this note…….we could reach on a conclusion that what we are discussing exists, needs to be corrected or not – I am not so sure about that, but there is absolutely no need to feel helpless about it. I realized that it’s our culture and the values, we have grown up with, the contempt because we would love to be righteous which we know is practically not feasible and helplessness, because we let our self feel helpless for the entire thing, despite knowing the fact that we shall not let this affect us.

I don’t know if I have conveyed the concern rightly but it kept on hovering over my head, that if it is actually a feeling that raise contempt in the minds of Indian men. I don’t see any such thing, because its everywhere. And I believe a girl who takes a stand to move out in that world is well aware, careful and all set.

As for those who feel contempt and helpless, I have a saying I took from R only,

“We cannot direct the wind... but we can adjust the sails.” And I am wondering, we can try to fight them at least!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


TAGGED - By VS again!!!
This is the Immediate Response to the Tag VS, I hope no complaints now!!

The extra mug of beer....
Na na na na re re.......

The weather here:
Dekho zara dekho boondon ki ladi.....

Waiting for someone:
Nahi saamne ye alag baat hai...
Mere paas hai tu....mere paas hai...
Mere saath hai!!

Jaane kya dhoondta hai ye mera dil.......tujhko kya chahiye zindagi!!

Just for you:
Koi kahe kehta rahe...kitna bhi humko deewana

Love of my life:
Kabhi neem- neem, kabhi shahad shahad......

Me and O3:
Hans ke tu dekh to ek baar....khud hi aa jayegi bahar!!

Main aur meri tanhayii:
Tanha dil...tanha safar, dhoonde tujhe phir kyun nazar

Some Plans:
Chand taare tod lauun......

My Scooty:(Gaddi)
I walk a lonely road..thats the only main I walk alone!!

This second mug of beer :
No ways!!!

Right now:
So ja chandni, chand sitare so gaye!!!
Arey bhai........kal office jana hai!!!