Wednesday, December 16, 2009

30TH FEB - A Dream Chase!

I am talking about my entrepreneurial dream which is now a year old and tomorrow it marks the one month of its launch. 30th Feb Obviously Different Ideaz, that’s the name to my attempt, my venture. You can explore further at

Decision –
Yes, it had been a difficult decision with tempting jobs & hefty package offers alluring you to go back to the corporate world. Today I think that would have been easy. I did considered all these options with pros & cons of both. If one gives you independence to work other gives you independence to spend. In a job, you have a routine & hence daily timelines where as you ought to think & mentally work for almost 24 hours a day because the work is not just a job but it gives you the encouragement to excel & follow your dream. It was a tough one but I decided to go on…….yeah some people were there to stand behind me. And I am thankful to God, for they are still confident about the whole thingy.

Idea –
Servicing & selling ideas in an organized & planned effort. Creating brands and beautifying the existing ones with strategy, design & equity. To build a name & a team, this shall be synonym for Brand Ideas & Brand Concepts. 30th Feb is an effort which orients towards making small brands – Big and we make the big ones- even bigger!

Tomorrow i.e., 17th December, 2009 will mark one month of this decision of mine. Yeah, it has been difficult with almost 2 offers falling in place for what we say – a good job. And it has been difficult by acknowledging the start-up issues, the lacunae and the bad attempts. But aren’t the difficulties made to make easy. I am working for it.

Have a good day :-)