Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Complacency :(

Complacency is insane.
The same, no change since a while. 
Why me, why me ? Why to bask!
Who shall one go to ask?
Complacency is insane.
Why, why to bear the pain?
Am not the cow Jane!
As I know...there is lot on offer in the life's lane.

Complacency is not my style.
Am being patient for a while.
Am certainly not the sober river - Nile.
Complacency is not my style.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Side by side -Year by year.

Side by side - Year By Year. Special post on our 4th Anniversary.

Of the highs & lows
The pinks & blues
Fights & Lights
Lows & Highs
Remember one thing - 
Together we laughed & together we cried...

Today, I feel that time just flies
Its our truth and our lies
Its our struggle and our plights
Remember one thing -
Together we laughed & together we cried...

For goods and for bad,
For making them smile and for making them sad
Those were the moments that we created
And those are the memories that we cherish together...
Remember one thing -
Together we laughed & together we cried..

The four years that have just gone by
I remember the start and the time we couldn't stood by
I smile them away - as I think of them...
I stand strong - as I think of now..
Remember one thing -
Together we make a better life:)

Friday, November 18, 2011

We turn Two!

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Turning 2 feels like turning 22. Remember, when one has to leave the college and suddenly enter the corporate world…. Ah! We are all very excited and yeah so thrilled about the money part…hehe. Not only that’s an experience, a way forward, a new chase- it is a lot more then all of that. It is about identity, self-growth, ambitions, respect, money, goals etc.

The journey this year was difficult and taught me that sometimes it is about the strength of mind and heart which is majorly required to go on. Initial success comes handy for few – now as I turn older by one more year – I feel the same happened to me. Though deep inside I am aware that my last year’s B’day note was about the initial struggle to setting up a business and strive to stick and make others believe on my conviction about 30TH FEB and this being the ‘the thing’ for me.

Nevertheless, the journey is still on as I share this. But yes, growing up is difficult. Because when you know you have started all you can think of about is – to get ahead and cross the new deadlines – the short ones and the long ones. I have the goals and I have the faith.

Build Resilience

Fight those feelings. In a business, it is very easy that a gap will only cause negativity. There will be difference in opinions and thoughts. People will never feel the same about your venture/ job/ dreams like you feel. And the sooner we understand this – the better we get.

Decisions and Choices

Entrepreneurs must learn to follow their heart. They shall learn to listen to all and shall follow the right, as advocated by their heart and mind. Choosing the right is difficult but if you trust the choice you made – you will never be disappointed. Remember, it was your decision and unnecessary expectations will only complicate.

There are many decisions which stuck us up on the ethical points, conscience differs with logic and trends – follow your instinct so that you have nothing to repent later. Remember, choices are good and we are answerable to ourselves. Choose between right & wrong. Decide between gut & conscience. Believe in what you feel and do it.


Remember, any venture, exercise, mission needs to be fuelled regularly.  Many people talk about keeping the focus but now after two years of entrepreneurial journey I feel focus is not enough if you are not fuelling your aspirations with right efforts. Remember, the efforts have to be oriented in the right direction.
Everything I said above is something I have learnt and experiencing each day. I am growing as an entrepreneur and I have to grow in person, in belief, in goals, in faith and all that will come if I am able to grow my business, my dream, my passion.

Today is been an anxious day. I had something in my mind – yes, my venture turned 2 and I turned 2 as an entrepreneur, a risk-taker, a myopic and what not…I had got many names and still called up, looked upon with lot of names like that.

And today, on the birthday of my dream which I dared to live – my mind was in a wandering state!

Wandering – about where I stand today? I am two year old – monetarily I have been ok. Individually I am well and know what I have been doing. Personally – win some, loose some. Ah! Overall I had the good and the bad moments. The moments of truth and the moments of joy – I had many of them. I am at peace about my decision. I am anxious on what next? How to take the leap?

I am sure - it’s time for next leap.  Next year, I need to be a better person with a better post and some better plans. Until then – it’s a Happy New Beginning for another year! And I am loving it.

Happy Birthday to my entire team. 


Monday, November 14, 2011

One more try! One more time!

Ahh…one more time it happen that life got obsessed about causing troubles for me. How sad I felt? How sad I felt – that it realized one more time - I will survive. One more time it realized - that I will survive. One more time – it happened.

This time I was quiet, calm and surprised. I am surprised and once again shouted in exile – why me? Why me – one more time. Yes, it shakes me, shocked me and waked me in the middle of the night one more time.  One more time – it happened.

I noticed the curves which arrived just like that. I noticed the hurdles which arose just as I was about to take the leap. I noticed the hurdles – one more time. One more time – it happened.

She knocked at the moment of joy, shocked me with the unleashed try, soaked me and choked me with the unknown airs and unknown flights. I am glad and thankful – I gave it another plight one more time. One more time – it happened.

I lost it – yes the hope. I hoped it- one more time. Yes, I hoped for the hope against hope. I got the hope one more time. One more time – it happened.

She left me – yes the inspiration. I chased it for one more time. Yes, I got it one more time and I inspired Life. One more time – it happened.

Dreams are the ones– which keep you alive. One more time – I realized. One more time I dream to fly. Sharing this – I don’t feel shy.  Dreams are dreams – keep them alive, live them up and they will keep you alive.

To fight the unknown and the recurring unwanted sights – looks for signs, the signs of reigns. Look for people – who are good signs, who talk positive and keep a balanced mind. Stay aloof from the feelings of spoof. Give up on those who hit on hopes, give up on the feelings of wrongs. But when it comes to your dreams and hope – Never, Never, Never Give up!

Think positive one more time. One more time – you smile.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Inspire On.

Have you ever wondered that the only solution to fight situations out is to get inspired to be out of them?

Yes – No- Never thought about it. Read more here.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Unexpected Guest

The uncertain events in life hike in, as an unexpected guest when you are about to take off...(A post from my 2007 diaries...)


I was about to leave my home, heading for an unknown and entirely new destination and I heard the door knock. Ah! It's the unexpected guest.

Thinking alone at my current home, waiting for my friend to arrive I was wondering about the age-old amusing incident, when you have a plan to go out from home and suddenly an unexpected guest hikes in. Sometimes, life is like this, you plan something and something else happens, you surrender to life and take a decision and then life brings something/someone and you doubt your next move.

Lets take it the guest way only; there can be various situations, few like –

  1. When you get ready to look your best for the party, which you don't feel like attending and suddenly an unexpected guest arrives. Consciously or unconsciously you feel happy about it, a little more relaxed, a little at more ease.
  2. Vice-Versa to (a), sometimes we are thrilled for the outing plan and a guest arrives. The knock at the door is hated and the guest is treated as a spoilsport but then again you are forced to attend the unexpected and to your own surprise you end up loving it.
  3. Now this one looks even more troublesome to me, sometimes when you have no plan, you feel sick of life, you want to run-away and as you reach for the door, someone knocks it. Again an unknown, outthought of guest is at the door, smiling the sparkling smile.
Has it ever happened to you?

May be yes. May be not. Ok, I think the (c) is really troublesome and its even a hurting situation. May be I am just taking time to express what this girl, you are going to read about has felt twice, once before and now quite recently. Many things have happened in her life in last 3 months, seems as if each single brain nerve of hers has thought of hundreds of things and has forced her to stress herself as much as she can!

Still I would say, I cant complaint about her because she is in a habit of thinking too much and may be she loves pondering on the mystery that life offers. It's all about the work life, the preferences, the trust or I believe loyalty is a more appropriate word. It's all about what she thought, what she did and how she managed. But then she has no complaints as she has learned to take the onus of her life but probably she lives with some regrets, which I truly want her to come over from. Amen!

Here, the person rushing out of the home (as referred in c) is a girl, ambitious, confident and dreamer who believes in chasing them hard. She is Strong, yes I am quite confident may be because she led her head rule over her heart. She isn't very quick in taking decisions, she cribs a lot when she dislikes something, she is used to of getting worried for the ill treatment to human genre, she is lively, she is fun, she is a kiddo and above all she is very candid and very normal.

Have I confused you a lot?

May be yes. May be not. But I would say, don't be confused. Be sure of what you think of her, because as such she cares a damn of this damn world. Actually, she does but then she consoles herself, she has learnt to make rules and to follow them. She has crossed the barriers, faced the hardships and took a decision, no matter what next?

Ok lets get back to out (c) state of incident. As I have introduced the girl, the reason she feels sick of life are varied, we can say sometime personal, sometimes professional, sometimes just an ongoing social situation, sometimes a friend or sometimes an acquaintance.

And now the guests, well they are again many. Sometimes friends, sometimes family, sometimes totally unknown, sometimes out thought of and god knows what?

Any guest arrives and she goes out of her mind, as in she starts thinking on the decision all over again, she lets the guest influence her mind so much that she doesn't remain sure of herself, her own take on her own life goes into discretion and scrutiny. This is not done and neither is this appreciated. She knows people love her but because of the mistrust of others she let them run away, she finds love, she follows her head and let the love move away, far away.

But while writing all this, I realize that she is not unaware of all this. She very well understands the destinations she missed, the paths she crossed, and those she visited in her life. Still she is traveling the journey called life.

Is she still hopeful of reaching the unattainable, to reach her world, the world of her imagination?

Like kids talk of a world with roads of chocolates, she dreams of a road without obstacles or thinks of peaceful ways to cross them, the child thinks of no school, she dreams no violence, child never miss mother to be a part of this world, she dreams of trust to be such a part. Kid always has at least a single friend for his or her company; she is still wondering will there be anyone with her on her bon voyage? Kid complaints, same she does but she isn't sure of the people she complaints to, she has a fear of mistrust, of misunderstood or mistook. Still she plans to carry a gadget, the one that will help her connect to her near ones, as she hates to be alone. That's a different story that she feels lonely and she fought alone. But what matters most is that, She is still hopeful. She is strong.
Hence, I am sure that she will face the guest, the unknown and uncertain. She will again have her doubts; she will face the difficulty in choosing the right people (mistrust has made her skeptical) but at last as always she is come over everything.

The guest will be either welcome or she will move away from the uncertain – now known, once again to one more unknown destination.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Magic of Rain!

As the rain drops…the pain drops!
Though the traffic slows and stops….
Rains bring only hopes and hopes…
I dream a dream….before rain stops…
I think of a bike and I just hop
Wow! I could now feel each and every drop….

Look at the sky….hear the noise…
The nature displays such poise…
Kids shouting raising the voice….
As the trees beautifully rise …
Ah! The rains bring such highs!
I feel tired but no sighs!

The weather which was otherwise tragic…..
Rains come and leave the magic…!
Leaving the working crowd nostalgic….!
Of the days when rains were magic!

Now it’s a hush….
We have to rush!
The rains only look so mush-mush…
Hold on for a minute….forget the rush..
We are getting later….let the feeling be crushed!
For now its just the magic of rain.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A haunting night of an accident:|

It was 11pm and we were returning back to home after meeting my grand mom in Delhi. We were talking over and driving at 70-80 like all other cars on the MG road. A sudden jolt made us realize that our car is hit and then those scary few seconds while our Car rotated on the road and got hit again on the right side. By the time I came to senses, I realized that we are alive and now our car is stopped after a 280 degree round.

As I poked on the side….I could see the white Ford Endeavor, the driver of which had lost control and hit us. Eventually I found myself telling Rohit to keep calm as outside we could see some guys who were very much in control of alcohol. He just got down after instructing me to call 100. The guys seemed to us as educated men who actually had realized that they were at mistake and have done what was already done to us. I was still explaining the episode to the guys on 100 and then PCR with a shivering voice while they very leisurely kept on asking whether the accident took place in Gurgaon or Delhi etc etc.  

Anyways while the people who hit had readily agreed to get our car re-done as they were aware that they are the ones who are under the influence of alcohol and they just hit us for no mistake of ours.  And then as we were talking to them, one more gentleman who was there told that actually it was him who got hit first and then as his Santro moved towards the side lane with a tyre burst we were the ones who suffered drastically. 

During all this, no one from the PCR could reach the site in 40 minutes. I was disgusted as this gentleman said that our little car would be done in few bucks and they will have to get their endeavor will cost too much; where I just reminded them that it is them who are drunk and it is them who smashed us for no reason. Then there were other notorious passer-by who commented that one should not worry about accidents in slang like accent & tampered speech – again due to alcohol. Then were those who got at the scene & were ready to fight for them – I must mention they were not acquainted to them. I still feel so bad & shocked.

We spent entire yesterday sorting the matter out as the gentleman who had hit us after coming to senses started negotiating on the car compensation. On an FIR, the Hyundai guy refused to even be mentioned as his Dad refused and moreover he requested that he shall not even be named as an eyewitness. Those who were totally at wrong wanted to pay half the money as now they were arrogant enough in telling that – how will we prove they were drunk? And the PCR very rudely asked us over the phone, if we need help after the ford endeavor had left the scene on the eventful night after exchanging the phone numbers. I am so glad that there were no causalities as I am sure why the number of deaths is too high in our country because they enquire so much on phones that a vulnerable dying life cannot be sustained.

While I still recover from this shock, our car is under repair as we share the expense borne due to some irresponsible class of youth in the series of an unfortunate hit & again hit case.  Still I would say that they are cooperating, may be because they realized the mistake or may be because of fear.

I am glad that we are saved & I am glad that we have friends who stood by us while the others gave reasons of no concerns. While we can always forget & forgive anything….those few seconds when the car was rotating & we survived being hit from front are haunting. But I keep faith & thank god for he stayed by our side and we survived.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Keep Hope - Anyway.

Yesterday evening while walking in my balcony, I suddenly felt that it’s good to take it easy. Believe me I had been going through a terrible mindset with the series of event in the last fifteen days.  A person as positive as me got hit by circumstances and I started feeling shattered. As a result of which, I couldn't do my work at all, concentration – is been taken by thoughts of unreasonable people at work, complicated business scenario, hiding luck, unbelieving parents, TV remote, Facebook, chats etc. I have been actually thinking of dropping all the ambitions, projects, my dream run and everything. I reached a stage of comparisons & complaints. Gosh! And then I found this picture…for some reason I had kept it on my desktop.

Situations can be turned memorable with a smile -Keep Hope
Yes, it is up to me whether I come back to my sacred space with peaceful mindset of keep worrying about the currently loitering life. Every morning I wake up with a plan and sleep at night cribbing about another waste day.  Earlier if it was an 8 hours of productive work a day, now it is only 1 hour (I still doubt on that). Today I thought to share and unleash the burden. Believe me; I should be working right now…huh!

Now I took a break and tried to concentrate on my work. And guess what – there were things which disturbed me and then there are equal ways to release the tensions and I am so glad that I am slowly getting out of this phase also.In the meantime the following happened and I am happy that it happened:

My friend called me and we had a conversation for an hour – Ah! I am so relieved and then my other friend advised me through my blog – in a patient scolding manner and I am pretty much back on track.  I am so glad they exist.  I am getting geared up for my next project.

Things which disturbed me are like work situations, unreasonable clients, family pressures etc but then

People are unreasonable- we need to forgive them anyway. Right!

Situations are not always as we want. We need to face them –anyway.

Efforts are always counted but at times results get delayed. Make efforts - anyway.

And believe me; it is good to take it easy. But we need to work hard –anyway. 

Life do turns hopeless. Keep Hope - anyway.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birthday Thoughts...:)

Yesterday morning….while I entered into another b'day of my life...I had some thoughts. Though I got calls from my family at 12 the night before and they were happy to wish me a happy birthday. They are happy that I am here….I exist as a part of their life.

Similarly, I am glad that I am given a chance to be me. Sometimes we have to be glad about ourselves. This morning that is what I told God and I thanked him to be with me like always. I thanked him for giving me the courage, the patience and the zeal to do things for good. Then I remembered my guru’s who are always by my side preaching goodness and instilling faith in me.

Then came those good people who remembered me, few have been with me for a reason or a season. But my goodness, the wishes were inspiring and made my day. I felt a little more special and I smiled. I am at peace that, they exist and I am glad I exist in close proximity of such wonderful people.

I am putting in here something which a teammate now friend sent to me yesterday morning. We have a relationship filled of respect and mutual admiration. I am going to cherish this gesture…the time spent on creating this for me, makes me feel special and worthy of finding happiness in little things. Isn’t it beautiful?

Stepping on a birthday ladder brings so many more queries in my mind. Life seems to be curious like me…..growing up is fun as it brings me to peace, keeps me calm and serene. I have learnt to keep patience, to give, to share and to be happy. I have learnt it is all a state of mind.

I worry about my anger – especially when I can’t control it with my mom. She still is the most tolerant when it comes about me. But then she understands the feelings, the unexpressed lot which bounces out only when she is around. I hope I get better this year on this front.

Recently, I have realized at times I am too vulnerable. I want to work towards that. I tend to lose spirits quite easily and start dreaming of a free-bird life which is practically difficult. But whatever be the case – I am truly the same freespirit – aspiring & dreaming big which each passing day :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. 

~ Steve Jobs, Co-Founder and CEO of Apple Comp

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Breathless Life :(

So unfair but yet so true…

It’s not just me & not just you…

Sometime or the other….

We say it so….what we tend to live is a Breathless Life!

There is this rush…

My god so hush-hush

Chasing & running…what a world we live

Do we actually live?

Spinning life…..the Breathless Life!

No time for life….no time for books

All we worry about is meetings, travel, work etc

We think we are living -----wonder is this life?

Life is what comes…….are we ready for it?

Life is to live…..Ah! It’s a Breathless Life!

Toys are replaced with gadgets…

Bedside stories…..or iphone songs….

Am running…you are running….are we catching up btw?

With the Breathless Life!

I miss my mom….I miss my Dad….

I want to be with them….by their side….

But it’s stopping me always…

It’s my Breathless Life!

Friends….we catch up regularly

Yeah at times on gtalk at times on fb and at others on blog

But over a chat….it’s a lifetime dream…

We are all very busy with the Breathless Life!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Impesshye Kohima! (Thank you Kohima…) - Kohima Diaries 4

Well! Tomorrow morning I start my travel at 9am. I will be back to Delhi – waiting for me is work, pending meetings, stretched traffic signals, unconventional weather, Gurgaon’s power cuts, running life and a lot to rush. Last 3-4 days, I have been feeling the heat already!

The beautiful valley of ‘Kohima’ – introduced to me the simplest life I ever thought of. I actually had never thought of a life without television, with a struggle for vegetarian food, with a walking habit and me finding the time for it and lot of time for soul searching, with a routine of waking up at 7am and going back to bed around 9.30pm or 10pm at night and beyond this, never feeling the need for a day to get any longer. It was all said n done during the day and I could get a peaceful sleep as I was never worried or in a rush to get up another morning with a lot of post-its on my mind. Ah! Such a pleasure n peace it has been for last 20 days.

And back home, many-a-times I wanted the day to get longer as 24 hours were not enough. If it isn’t work always, it can be catching up with a friend, visiting a party, dating Rohit, having a peaceful lunch/dinner, visiting parents etc., we lose many a times on a most of such simple & important things. All because of ‘The Rush’ –this is one thing I never saw/felt/heard or experienced in Kohima. Amazing city – it gave me time to observe, think and do some soul searching. So the curiosity of why so different has now turned into something like – ‘Different is simple and simple is good’.

And for the experience I would like to say ‘Thanks’ to the Department Of Technical Education, Kohima for giving me the opportunity to be a part of their Integrated Program of Advanced Retail Management and experience an altogether different yet beautiful life.

My Take-Away’s from the brief Visit:

   ‘Uncomplicate Life’: Life is only complicated if we make it that way. We need to find peace in simple things. People out here are so simple and yet so satisfied. What are you rushing for?

2.       ‘Do not compare’: Somehow, I felt that life here is beautiful because no one believes in any kind of comparisons. Everybody is happy with whatever they are blessed with and of course, at their own levels they are trying to improve it. Again with no rush, they have their faith and their hard work. Their minds are at peace.

3.       ‘Prioritize & communicate’:  People here know their priorities right. They don’t do things for pleasing others; they don’t burden themselves with unnecessary tensions. They know their priority and communicate with so much ease.

4.       ‘Be Proud of your Place’: One should be proud of the place one belongs and should be respectful about where it started – the journey called ‘Life’.
 [Yes, though people here are lazy to take up things and to initiate but surely the Government & Youth are bound to spread awareness and the best thing is wherever they learn or earn, they are all eager to come back & contribute to their city, their state.]  We all think like that at some point or the other but how many of us actually do that? And the people – I have met have no religious or conservative motives – they just want to be back and do something here – at their land of festivals.

5.       ‘Love & Affection’: Yes, I am taking back lot of love & affection from the people here. Their simplicity mesmerized me at various levels. My students were like a bunch of variety in many ways. They weren’t street smart like those from metro geographies but they were sincere & eager to learn & experience new things. They accepted the course & change with open arms. I made a very good friend here – who not only took me around to places but also helped me understand the culture and people here. And all these people gave me wonderful memories.

6.       ‘Judgments are not good’:  I always believed in ‘no early judgments’ and people close to me know that I do not jump on judgment easily. This visit helped me reinforce my belief. People here shall not be judged on what they have experienced & are exposed to because we need to understand the pitch of life we have and they have. We have gained speed and momentum and we are busy chasing happiness in the form of jobs, money, exposure, achievement etc and they have earned peace with the very belief – we are here to live –happily.

Are you wondering again – How?