Saturday, June 9, 2012

Can't get her out of my mind!!

This morning when I went for a stroll, I saw a lady. She must be aged around 48-55 – am not sure! I heard her first, yes I had a tensed mind and I wanted some air. I was already done with 5 rounds of the park nearby, wandering the direction I took a u-turn on the inside road of the society and I heard someone shouting, honestly I heard it like a repetitive shout only and she appeared from the cross road chanting – ‘Om Namah Shivaye’. And I wondered, is she angry with her Lord? Or is she generally like this – I do not really this so!

I was lost in a conundrum of thoughts. Are we all too stressed in life? Most of the people walking around me are in haste, worried and the old ones had a dim look on face. I couldn’t see anybody with a vibrant smile – who would make my morning. Middle aged people were rushing and I wondered – even on a Saturday! Only few kids were all in all cricketing mood and I thought – Alas! Childhood – what fun!

Suddenly, I thought maybe they are all worried because of the rising inflation and the dismantled domestic budgets, may be the elderly miss their middle age and it is quite possible that most of the middle aged are craving for youth once again. Ah! God, such a vicious circle of life, none is happy!

As I walked for few more minutes, relationships struck my mind. May be the youngsters are fighting the cobwebs of bad relationships. You know domestic imbalances – with people, with system, in heart and in mind.  What can we do about it? People play games! They weren’t happy in their life and neither have they wanted to see others happy!

Coming back to the lady, I almost thought, will I turn like her one day. She wasn’t hurting anybody, she was walking and loudly remembering lord Shiva, even I lead a life with him as my ultimate hope in universe.  Then my positive nerves came into action and I was thinking – Ah! She is a god send, lord Shiva sent her to me, to remind me that he is around and I need not worry! And I was at some peace. Even if no one, he will look after me, he would reach me in the walk of life like he reached me during my morning walk. And I remembered that if we haven’t done any bad to anyone – God will always remember that and if someone is hurting us for no mistake – God is watching them. And I am thinking about the lyrics of the Johny Rodriguez song, Never before has a woman ever haunted me, But her magic spell keeps workin' overtime, Somebody please put her out of my misery, 'Cuz' I just can't get her out of my mind

What a walk it was! Put me into so many thoughts – why do we humans expect when we know that all any other human expect from us is – to be their way. Why can’t we accept others like they are? I would say because, our acceptance makes them believe that we are vulnerability proof and they would certainly take us for granted. OMG! What a pity it is.

And then, I reached home, all the more lost. And I wished myself – A Happy Weekend.