Thursday, January 24, 2013

Take a LEAP of faith. Stay JUSTIFIED

This is about the situations where most of us felt-like being left let down. We were left breath choked, we got hurt and we realized that someone we tried to help selflessly is/was just not worth it.

Whatever be the case, I always feel that – we shall not be judgmental. Somehow, my conscience-my instincts- my parents always made me believe so. I do have had opinions but I used to let go of situations and people as I was firm that sometimes actions are commanded by the situations and we shall not allow our mind to set a frame of that particular person.

We need to understand – if people value us in their life or people value for being ourselves. If they value you for being there in life – they will love you, care for you and most importantly listen to you. While the others will never be good listeners, they will love & care pertaining to what they have to say to you and if you are talking to them – as they want to listen from you. If this is not the case – you better watch out. This is not gonna take you anywhere, if you have a tendency to ignore and be good, take care of yourself.

I remember, once my soft-skills teacher had said in a counseling session, – "It is good to be good but at times, you need to tell the other person ‘that you can be bad too’". He has asked me to be a little shrewd and on asking – what he was saying, he had explained that world is neither full of compassion and nor in habituates only the good people like I might be thinking. I always realized it whenever my goodness was put to test or I was hurt by a close one but then – I felt ‘It’s good to be good. It keeps us at peace’.

But today, I am heartbroken. I never expected this, I did not even ever thought that in the farthest of thoughts that I would think of being fair to myself, would actually pray to God to give me the strength ‘to allow me to tell others – that yes, I can be bad too’, to feel inside that – yes, I know you have been great all through your life, your patience might have surpassed all the kindness of manhood but please DO NOT expect the same from me. Allow me – to take stand for my own self respect so that in my mind and soul – I live & die JUSTIFIED. 

Saying all that, I am thankful to GOD that on taking a deep breath – I can still get some relief. In tears, I am thankful to Almighty that he gave me parents – who always told me to stand firm, my Dad always told me to be righteous and to be so fearlessly. 

-------I left this post at this point some 4 days ago! And now when i still thought of sharing it here, I wonder, It is good to be forgetful and forgiving should be revived. Alas! I rest my case with a same notion like always--- if God is watching us all the time, we shall just keep doing things in good faith.