Friday, October 15, 2010

Anger – The Depressing Act!

Anger – a painful feeling. A disheartening act, a fit of rage, a dismal memory and the unforgetting moments!

I have been writing about Anger & Anger Management. Why it came again here is because yesterday I witnessed a roadside argument & fight for the first time. I am disturbed post that. Neither could I take it out and nor am I ready to accept the fact that it just happened and this is the way it happens. It was disastrous for me, the abuse, and the indecency & of course the crowd who was there to watch. I am thankful to them who actually came forward to help the arguing parties sort it out peacefully.

Horrendous it was, I felt shocked and realized that I can’t bear any form of violence. I could almost feel the shiver for next 4 hours and was wondering – what must have gone wrong with those who were involved. The similar adrenaline rush was there when I had seen a car speeding so much & ignoring a child who just survived. I did shared that

I feel so shallow of being human. Cheapest of all as it turns to be is human capital. Its shameful & shocking both.

Yes, its human to get angry but can't we just take an oath to control it as much as we can.


Chakoli said...

well u shud never ever ctrl it... if u have emotions better to burst them out.... otherwise it is more harmful...
welll but yes we can try to get angry on less things...

Jack said...


Read 2 posts now. If one keeps faith and confidence everything is possible thereafter. I agree with Chakoli, do not bottle up your feelings. Let go and keep mind free of such stress.

Take care

Jigyasa said...

@ Chakoli

My only point is bursting them out shall not be violent. Releasing the negative feelings is important......I agree!

Jigyasa said...

@ Jack

Yes....keeping faith & confidence is tried & tested! It works.