Friday, August 23, 2013

Life without touch-ups!

We all should always try to lead a life without touch-ups! It is real and it keeps the essence maintained. The natural beauty, the real meaning and quintessential life is the one without touch-ups.

Imagine a picture, when you see it without touch-ups, it certainly makes you smile but when you try to make it better it leaves you analyzing and when you try to perfect it – it loses the essence.  

Why is it becoming necessary for most of us to lead a perfect life? What is a perfect life? Is it the one which we see others living, is it one which we read in the books, page 3 and celluloid.  No, life is all about small & simple moments of happiness we create, we share and also about those moments which test us on our faith.

Live Simple. Stop Comparing

Is is not life just perfect when we live it simplified? Now I am not trying to pull in any old school or new school philosophy when I use the word simplified.  

Simplified here suggests, the way it makes us happy. Why complicate it with comparisons, with adaptations to fit the bill. Where are we trying to fit ourselves into and with whom and why for all reasons?

Have Choices. Take Decisions

I love the present day youth for this reason. They don’t believe in any race. They all want to be cool in their own ways. The young parents of today do not want to impose things on their kids; they want them to grow, to learn and most importantly to CHOOSE for them.

I have observed, a child who grows in such an environment becomes a better human being, a bright professional and is always considered approachable socially. Because he/she has learnt to adapt, to talk out and to share fearlessly because they know they will be heard, understood and once again not forced to follow decisions.

Give Space. Nourish Relationships

Be it your personal or professional life you need to give space. This space is important not just to nourish relationships but also to live healthy and grow healthy. Healthy Relationships are the key to success at work, it leads to strong bonds of friendship, trust and makes everyone is them empowered.

By saying giving space, I mean to allow them to be on their own in thoughts, viewpoints and situations. This works to bring in the sense of responsibility. When they know – you are there to help them always, they develop the sense of belonging and this confidence helps them face life with face up, no matter what.

Choice is always yours. Choose to lead a life with No Touch-ups! Like an Image, life too will not leave its essence. Have a Happy Life, Stay Blessed.