Friday, March 27, 2009

Life - A Vicious Circle

Life – A Vicious Circle!!!

We all have heard this, we live just one life. And that’s the chance to make the most of it.

At times it’s beautiful, at times it’s not.

At times, it’s the way it is and at times it’s adjust (ment).

At times it’s about me, at times it’s us. At times it’s about love, at times it’s just.

At times its everything, at times its must.

At times we seek more of it, at times it rusts.

At times it’s more smiles, at times its mad rush.

At times its what we want, at times its we have.

At times its what we say, at times its keeping mum.

At times its you only, at times we are lonely.

At times its being in love, at times it’s a tied dove.

At times its a lesson, at times it's frustration.

At times its what we gain, at times its my loss.

At times its about ambitions, at times its dreams.

At times we call it life, at times a Vicious Circle!