Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Obsolete Dreams.

I am sure you are wondering about the dreams and how they could be obsolete? But its not just a thought, actually this is something which is been hovering over my head from quite few days. Dreams do become obsolete as life grows faster then us.

Yes, this could be said that it’s the impact of few negative thoughts but then it’s a practical truth as well. Agreed or not?

Many a times life introduces such curves and cuts, that one has to take up a different direction. I still deny the death of a dream. Dreams never die; they simply become obsolete. Life keeps on growing at its pace and we grow with life. And this growth makes us leave our dreams and live as per the hour. Time is bigger then everything – I used to argue on this but recently certain incidents made me believe this. One more reason could be change is priorities of life. Now this could be on account of marriage, a death in a family, an illness, an accident, an unexpected responsibility etc. Sometimes it’s just an incident, an observation which changes the way one thinks and that too can leave certain obsolete dreams.

I always used to tell my friends, you never know. And that truly stands right. But dreams give us hope and make the chase interesting, so one should not stop dreaming. But then yes, dreams turn obsolete. I firmly believe that. They don’t die they become obsolete. The end of one dream make you live for another. Chase should always be there or theirs will be just dreams. The Obsolete Dreams.