Thursday, June 25, 2009

If Only.....!

We shall fall in love today....if only its love!

For past is not to be remembered and for future so unknown....

For you never know I will be pulled away.....why repent later?

That I could never say...what it was to fall in love and feel loved by you!

But today...I could not recall a surprise from you! Our last date or a carefree smile!

For I wanted that all, for no reason...but for us being together...these are all the celebrations.....!

I feel the little moments are real treasure......what we call a carefree leisure!

You believe in building future and I am afraid we are loosing today! I am scared of your fears....though I know you think of future and of me!

I count my days to spend with thee... Life is unpredictable and I might flee!

For now I hope you agree that, If only it is to live....

Life is to love and to smile.....So! Again I say, We shall fall in love today!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Circle of Growth & Change!

I am a little lost….

For they have changed the roads I traveled!

I am a little lost….

For I can go back never!

I am a little happy….

Because I have saved some hope!

I am a little tense…..

For more loss of sense!

I am a little of me….

And a lot of me am lost for no better!

I am a little shy….

For I know there are no answers to my whys?

I am a lot more…..

But most of me am lost forever!

I am my Dad’s little girl……

What pity! I am a grown up what for that matter!