Thursday, June 18, 2009

Circle of Growth & Change!

I am a little lost….

For they have changed the roads I traveled!

I am a little lost….

For I can go back never!

I am a little happy….

Because I have saved some hope!

I am a little tense…..

For more loss of sense!

I am a little of me….

And a lot of me am lost for no better!

I am a little shy….

For I know there are no answers to my whys?

I am a lot more…..

But most of me am lost forever!

I am my Dad’s little girl……

What pity! I am a grown up what for that matter!


Vamsi said...

@ jigyasa,

how much we grow older in age ... we will always remain "small child" in the eyes of our parents.

shoOOonya said...

little little somethings make the big large life ...

little little experiences make you matured and wise ...

when you learn from experiences, you are wise .. else you are otherwise ..

take care and kee[ smiling

viju said...

nice & lovely poem there
@ various things in life.

y dont u write on

i do :)