Friday, May 8, 2009

Dream Deadlock!

I believe in dreams. I always believed in dreams. Now-a-days I am struggling to keep them alive.

The life circumstances have been changing so that I am becoming nervous about my dreams. When I look back I realize, that I am struggling with a situation which is somewhat like - I dream, I plan and I resist. It’s like a struggle between dreams, wishes, aspirations and ambitions. Nothing is permanent and nothing will stay forever but we don’t stop working towards dream. There is conflict between my dreams-wishes and my ambitions-aspirations.

At times I am unhealthy and at times I am negative. There are two things attached to this statement. A bad health results in a step back from my ambitions-aspirations and the negativity disheartens me about my dreams. The continuity of both is resulting into a deadlock. There is lot of uncertainty about life and I am becoming cautious of my dreams I was certain of. There is war in my mind; not of right & wrong but of, this & that. I am fighting hard with my priorities and those of theirs. I am entering a Dreams Deadlock!

Nothing is stopping me but the circumstances. There is no hindrance but the expectations. There shall be no delays but I have lost the direction.

This is called Life and so far I am a die-hard optimist, fighting for the key to this deadlock of dreams. And here I would like to write those two lines which were momentary and still have so much of truth & depth – “Positivism resides in me, that’s why I am alive. But, I reside in negativity that’s why I am dying every moment”