Friday, May 8, 2009

Dream Deadlock!

I believe in dreams. I always believed in dreams. Now-a-days I am struggling to keep them alive.

The life circumstances have been changing so that I am becoming nervous about my dreams. When I look back I realize, that I am struggling with a situation which is somewhat like - I dream, I plan and I resist. It’s like a struggle between dreams, wishes, aspirations and ambitions. Nothing is permanent and nothing will stay forever but we don’t stop working towards dream. There is conflict between my dreams-wishes and my ambitions-aspirations.

At times I am unhealthy and at times I am negative. There are two things attached to this statement. A bad health results in a step back from my ambitions-aspirations and the negativity disheartens me about my dreams. The continuity of both is resulting into a deadlock. There is lot of uncertainty about life and I am becoming cautious of my dreams I was certain of. There is war in my mind; not of right & wrong but of, this & that. I am fighting hard with my priorities and those of theirs. I am entering a Dreams Deadlock!

Nothing is stopping me but the circumstances. There is no hindrance but the expectations. There shall be no delays but I have lost the direction.

This is called Life and so far I am a die-hard optimist, fighting for the key to this deadlock of dreams. And here I would like to write those two lines which were momentary and still have so much of truth & depth – “Positivism resides in me, that’s why I am alive. But, I reside in negativity that’s why I am dying every moment”


Abhijeet said...

This is philosophy and soulful writing at its best. Heavy duty stuff indeed

Naserke said...
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Naserke said...

Nice Thoughts...
This is a struggle that we all (or most of us) face at a certain time in life. And usually that's the time when we are going through big and heavy transitions in our lives. Transitions like leaving school for the real world (school - life of 90% dreaming), marriage (perfect love - fantasy exaggerated by Bollywood), decisions to choose direction in our career.... When we are in school, all we dream about is us living our life. But with time we realize that our life is not only ours... family, spouse, customs slowly start to demand their share. Dividing our lives and dreams is not easy at first, but denying others their share in our lives won't make us happy either. And that's when this inner struggle starts. Just hope (and try) that natural balance sets in as soon as possible.

shoOOonya said...

There is always LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. Life is about not losing hope and continueing the journey towards the end of the tunnel and continuously working towards your dream.

Dont leet go of your dreams. They give you direction, They define your thinking too.

Other Priorities will often dislodge your dreams from the high priority slab ... you just need to take care of things and keep your dreams in sight.

I find myself also in similar situation today where my 'entrepreunerial dream' seems to be nowhere in sight and i got to continue in the 'corporate salary mode' :(

But HOPE is alive and i am hopelssly optimistic person. The DREAM is alive and i keep kicking it now and then ... to keep it "alive and kicking"

shoOOonya said...

We have our priorities and as more and more people get added to our small cirlce of personal life - family, best friends, spouse, spouse's family, children and soo on - their priorities and desires adn expectations from you will keep shaking your own priorities.

Its unavoidable. Its unevitable.
We keep up the balancing act as far as we can. Sometimes we have to let go some of our dreams .. sometimes tempoarily, sometimes permanently - to maintain balance in other facets of life.

Key is in keeping dreams in sight always. Where there is will... there is bound to be a way.

Knowing you personally, all i can say is You are capable of achieving practically anything you set your eyes on.

Dont let the temporary state of 'dreams crashing or going down the drain or getting sidelined etc' discourage you !

Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

@ Abhijeet

Thanks for the visit....Life's a philosophy or Philosophy of Life...?

@ Naserke

I am soon getting to understand the point you tried explaining here... I hope the balance strikes soon!

@ ShoOOonya

The first review from your end did made me feel... that was more on the individualistic node....but then you have made a point.... Somethings just cant be avoided and we need to strike a balance!

Keep Smiling!!

Life said...

you cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to loose sight of the shore--unknow

so dear never stop dreaming.....dreams brings life in life and with those dreams you reach to oasis
So be ALCHEMY :)

Take Care

Vamsi said...

@ jigyasa,

one can dream whatever he/she wants ... but never be adamant that all the dreams that you dream should get fulfill ...

life is very mysterious ... but, the saying in the hindu philosophy that "jo kuch bhi hota hai, bas apne acche ke liye hotha hai" ... should act as a healing balm ...

carry on to satisfy your dreams till manual efforts permit you to do so ... after that, leave everything to almighty ... (ofcourse to clarify, i believe in almighty and that is why i see the things i wrote here)

cheers !

tejbir said...

u r living ur name - jigyasa (curiousity) via this post.
And my limited experience tells me that curiousity for life is the first step to its realisation!

Keep up the thoughts!

btw, thanx for ur wishes :)

Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

@ Vikas

Thanks for once again showing the positive side of life....Anyways I can survive without dreams......the post is abt the deadlock.......but i will find the key!

keep smiling!

Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

@ Vamsi

This reminded me of the words from legendary Harivanshrai Bachhan -'Mann ka ho to achha hai aur na ho - to aur bhi achha hai'

@ Tejbir

My parents were indeed the first ones to realise that I live by my name - and that too long back when I was in school!

I hope that curiosity will take me to better places in life.

Keep Smiling!

Abhijeet said...

I guess, you can get philosophical about anything. Depends on the situation and how you view it.

vijay said...

hi Jigyasa,

some of us r more sensetive @ things in life & think a lot.

(its a sign of intelligence though ...LOL)

& again, i feel most of us go thru this phase in life, & the present lifestyles, expectations, competetion,smaller family & its pressures, careers...etal take their toll. unknowingly we all r stressed & dont realize it.

But am sure u wil think +ve & come out on top.


Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

Thanks VS

It's a pleasure to see ya here at my space....well yes few of us are too sensitive....but like I said, Positivism resides in me!

Keep Smiling.

vs said...

being +ve...yes, thats de key

attitude :)