Thursday, April 16, 2009

This Sudden Loss of Appetite

This Sudden Loss of Appetite

Recently, I have noticed a sudden loss of appetite for my dreams and for my aspirations. A sense of distraction protecting me from what I once used to call Career, Challenges, Ambition. I have been so dragged in the customs & obligations pertaining to the society that I am finally becoming a part of it. A loss of spirits, of undertsanding & making people understand. My expectations have turned towards my loved ones, I seek empathy, compassion, an ear to listen and a heart - willing to understand. Once I wanted to stand strong in the winds and here I am waving in the fear of winds.

I looked for, I tried and I got - the opportunities.
I seeked, I asked, I begged for - the support.
I avoided, I ran, I couldn't escape - the transition.
I fell, I stood, I stand, I want to emerge - the Identity.
I crave, I did, I won, I lost - My Appetite to Dream.
I cry, I weep, I console - the Heart.
I shut, I open, I avoid - the Eyes


Naserke said...
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Naserke said...

reminds me of lines by Patar... Jeon joga te ho... teri v hatya kar dian ge...

Anonymous said...

The writting is very Impressive...I can see a Novelist in the making. -- whose 'work' recomended by many, but understood by few.......

by the way U shd've given a call 2 me rather than writting this....

Ellen said...

Dear Jigyasa,

Nice piece of writing. I like the thoughts contained in it. Familiar ones I've been through before somewhere there in my life. :-)

You know, we all experience a sense of loss or confusion at some point or another in the pursuit of goals or dreams. We can't be ecstatic all of the time in our quest. Moments will come when we begin to question, doubt, hesitate --and this sometimes happens when some of our expectations from self or others haven't been met. Or when things aren't turning out to be what we hoped they would be at any point in the journey.

Or maybe simply put, exhaustion has finally got through to us. We can get weary from all that stress and anxiety, from working hard and strong, from pushing ourselves relentlessly and also from being pushed too hard.

It will help us to sometimes learn how to step back a few steps to recharge depleted energies and strengths, reflect and evaluate progress or non-progress, and to check if we still are on track with our dreams. That isn't defeat but rather -- An essential step or two backward to earn you a dozen strong steps forward --after being refreshed or enlightened by the brief pause.

This feeling of loss is a nudge from within -- telling you that something needs attention. What it is --is all up to you to discover or find out. It might help if you line-up what advances have already been made. And on the other hand, what negative factors are messing up or playing on your nerves and emotions. Everything has a reason. There's always an explanation, good or bad, just waiting to be found. Go find it.

And when at last you find it, then you no longer need to waver or fear the winds of doubt for you will stand firm, strong, armed with new understanding, and so much wiser in its face.

All the best to you.
Blessings to your family as well.

S said...

Jigs now you are sounding like sensitive Jigyasa :)

vijay said...

i suppose it happens 2 all as we go along lufe, few admit.

result of the pressures, social, family etal


Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

@ VS

So good to see you back........!!

Keep Smiling :-)

Abhijeet said...

nice lines.... well thought out and straight from the heart

Abhijeet said...

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