Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sisterly Love!

This one is for my l'll sister with whom - I am bound to argue when we meet in person and stay together for like more than a day!!!! Thats how sisters are....

It's been long - I posted something! A friend reminded me this morning and now while I was chatting to my sis in prose - she suggested, Post it Di! And here we go...

Disclaimer: Chinks - is how I call my sister fondly! She is a fitness freak, a fashion designer currently associated with Ritu Kumar and never goes out of the lectures for me staying fit!!! You might feel this is silly - but I am posting it on my space because I feel whenever 
I 'll get back here, I will smile :)

Hey chinks
My minks
I hope my body shrinks
So that there are no obese links
Face & Figure in syncs
And i look pinks
Eyes ping - Phones ring
Heart sinks, lot of drinks!
Ah! Chinks ...lolz