Thursday, June 5, 2014

There is No Evil.

Two days back I finished the part I of Shiva Trilogy and by the end I got a lesson. There is no evil, this is what the savior is told by a saint when he is in going through the anxious phase of self-guilt, when he is reaching God to answer him whether he has done right or wrong. Whether he has brought an end to the evil or he did a wrong decision.

This is when he is told by a God send, that there is no evil. It is just that people are different in the world over. Rules of one could be the restrictions for other. One could prefer vibrant as happiness and other could feel sober as peace. One could mean no laws second could mean laws for all.

If we think of these things in our regular life, we can find so many answers. Imagine the differences our society has created in the everyday life – the difference in opinions, the choices to be made, all these rights are snatched on the pretext on religion, viewpoints, cast, creed, social status etc.

We are succumbing to the unnecessary reasoning like what dress to wear where, make-up or no-make-up, why eating non-vegan is a crime, why alcoholics are bad people, who people should marry, why a neighbor’s luxury should be envied until we have them too. How money makes someone inferior/superior, how people are getting in a mad-rush to achieve not what gives them happiness but what takes them a level up from others.

People even do not have their own dreams. I feel they never got to dream for they were brought up with the imposed rules, rules which give more sense of achievement then the sense of belonging. Sadly, there are certain customs & values in our Indian system which make people, bound them and force them to restrict their own happiness. But that’s not fair for each one should be taught & brought up with the only one message – ‘there is no evil’, what you did during a certain situation doesn't brand you as good or bad. It is what best could be done at that particular moment.

Start telling yourself right from this moment, “I will fear No Evil”.

Keep Faith. 

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