Saturday, May 3, 2014

Growing up needs Courage!

Running away from things is never a good thing. Face it from front is what I have always been taught! What a bad phase it would have been that I had almost thought to not accept the Birthday Wishes because I was cursed for my being and for treating it as a reason to celebrate. The freedom to be me in my own way was gone and I am trying to get to terms with it. 

Now that I am getting messages about Many Happy Returns of the Day, I wonder what people who know of it are trying to say! And then I am telling myself –

Come on! I can’t still keep my happiness for them who treated me as a back-up plan! The post is certainly not about me or I. But it is more about ‘we’. I turned 31 today and I wonder what went wrong and where? I am an individual first and at least that should be taken as it is. I am not asking anyone for any undue favors, I don’t beg you for generated love and never am I going to demand materialist favors.  I firmly believe – every human being on this planet deserves – to be treated with humanity & respect. 

And wondering that I realized, I can abandon myself from the love of friends and family for these are the people who always remind me - that I am certainly 'God's favorite kid.'

I am happy for those who want me to be happy. Those who believed that I am a human and deserve to be treated as one.

I am happy for those who chose to ignore me and all the great memories we co-created. 

I am happy for what happened, at-least I got to know more about life. I learned it quite early and I am sure it saved me a hemorrhage.

I am thankful to the God for giving me this life and to keep me calm enough to realize that we get only one life. 

I am thankful for the people around me who are reason enough to make me believe that life itself is a reason enough to ‘smile’.

I am thankful to people who without knowing about my circumstances, on hearing a timid voice say things like – ‘No you can’t be tired yet – you have a long way to go’

I am thankful to my younger brother- who said, ‘It is my sister’s birthday so that should be a reason enough for you to celebrate’

I am thankful for Google Doodle which read, ‘Happy Birthday Jigyasa’ as I launched chrome this morning on my machine. 

I am thankful to my grandparents for wishing me the most genuine wishes of my day as they make me realize that I was born special and still hold that special place in their hearts and mind.

I am thankful to friends who took time to wish me and those who surprised me my doing so. 

Alas, I am thankful and may God always make my life one; to be thankful of.

All this makes life a little simpler and helps me breathe feeling, ‘I am thankful to be’. And then I found this tweet as the day was coming to an end – “You can’t fight every battle. Choose which ones are worth fighting and let the others go."

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