Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Twisted Tales of Karma!

Often I have seen people blaming karma for what is happening around them. They play double standards I believe – On one side, they worship God and try to please him for their own fancies and on the other hand they blame the karma – how is that possible?

Either God or you yourself should be held responsible for it. You cannot keep on shifting preferences and hence allegations. Why can’t humans take charge? Why do they need to depend on others to take their own decision? If this is a societal role – then what role does the society plays in handling troubles of an individual? Ah! Yes they listen and console and sometimes make some stories too.

Life is about living with peace and happiness around you, in your soul. You must practice it. Have a dream and live for it. That is your Karma, God has sent you on this earth for that very reason.

The society only acts as a big hurdle. Few days back, I came across a saint, I found out he completed his Doctorate degree and has written numerous books. I was even more impressed to talk to him. His academic talent created a belief in me that he isn’t a God man; he is an anchor and may be a better human being who has got lot many things to share with me.

I asked him, I have heard that there are many phases of life which a man/woman should go through and that makes them complete, so is it really so? Does it works like that? Do we need to prove the completeness to the society by following their whims?

And he said, NO.

He further said, it is your Karma that makes a life complete or incomplete. It is not through worship, life phases and your subsequent achievements like an education, a career, and mother hood for that matter.  He explained that it is your ‘Karma’ that makes a life, a birth complete or incomplete and nothing else.

If you are using the food you consume and the energy it creates in a right way for a good cause, that is karma and that is what makes you complete or incomplete. It is the deeds that count and not the parameters set by the society. He says if you know what you are doing is good, live courageously and follow the path.

He said all this in so simple words and I for once felt that he came like a God send to help me get better in life, to start living beyond the twisted tales of Karma.

He gave me few books to read and I came back content. I was happy that God has a plan for me and he has hinted me about it.

I am doing my karma…..are you?

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