Saturday, July 12, 2014

Do Not Struggle Emotions.Be a Survivor.

I believe many of us struggle a lot to keep our faith intact. To keep ourselves from becoming weak, feel lonely or broken. I display strength and do not want to show my emotions even in the most hair rising situations. I believe I have worked hard to be where I am and that has made me tough from outside, I do not want to give away so easily for I still have faith, for I am ready to work harder for few more years’ at least.

We at times do not feel a rush for we want to give life & faith another chance, but we struggle to fight it out. Sometimes we feel difficulty, to express it, to convey it and to make others realize how we feel inside.

At times we feel like this, and at times we find everyone around so preoccupied. Who the hell in this world is around to lend an ear and listen and say that they really ‘do care’? There are times when we will find an answer – ‘No One’.

Do not panic. Do not Struggle. Vent out and gain power from within.

Find friends, share, talk within or shift the focus. Many a times, the problem you are facing will not be understood, people would not accept the fact or show escapism. And it should not worry you, it should not cause pain in your nerves. Lord Shiva says, “If the other person is not ready to fight for himself, and you feel the need to fight for them, Go Fight, for what you do is your Karma and stop thinking about them or why they didn't do it”.

I came across a quote, “If they don’t fight for you, they are not right for you.” Agreed, take the quote in positive spirits. For it doesn't mean they are wrong, it only suggests you need to fight for yourself, keep your focus and follow the right direction. That is the beauty of Karma.

I see lot of intolerance around, people want to find flaws and act at that moment. Decisive acts. Don’t struggle to take a decision. Give the circumstance sometime, let the situation be tolerant enough to sit, accept, understand and opinionated. Anger is an enemy of right decisions. This doesn't mean you become an option for right times, it only means gain strength, think rational and then decide about the situations that cropped because of anger, despair. Do Not Struggle to take Instant Decisions.

Talk to friends, for they are God sends. I am sure most of them will be busy or will not care to revert. They are acquaintances. Find friends not those who are there for a reason or season but those few lifetime friends – who genuinely care.

Do Not Struggle with the fear of big mouths. What has happened or happening was the will of God, learn from your mistakes and move on. Accept the fact and live life. We are not here to exist and spend life. We are blessed with a life to make most of it.

Do not Struggle to make it Big. Just keep focus, keep passion, keep faith and Live it. Be a Survivor and not a Victim.

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