Friday, November 6, 2009


The denseness in relationships, an intricate state of mind is what could be called as a perfect Complicated Life. There is lot to understand in the otherwise simplest statement I just made.

I always knew about me being complicated! I don’t know but I guess it was the onus of being good. When I say being good, I mean a good daughter, a good sister, a good wife, a good daughter-in-law, a good host, a good friend – no I guess those who stand by me – never bother about me being good or bad, Ah! just realized I have been ‘me’ at certain occasions. Anyways, the benefit of living with the onus of being good is that you never get carried away and you learn to self-restrict. Its like how could I?

Aren’t the words getting complicated? I say so, because I came back to this page after almost an hour after I finished the above paragraph. I have a loss of words. I am worried. Its not usual………I normally finish up my write-ups. I feel I am confused with my words & state of mind. Does this happen to you as well?

But yes, we were talking about the benefits of living with the onus of being good. Hey! What about the drawbacks….many of them. You always keep a part of you closed which shall be unearthed but you die waiting for the right time, right place & may be right people. You always carry this notion – that there is something which people don’t understand or may be something which you want them to listen & understand. You die with a heavy heart because there was so much to say for which you never managed to get an ear for. So many…so sad!

Anyways………I would end it up with what I always believed is the truth at the end of the day. Life is Beautiful. It’s either us or the situations which are complicated!


Jack said...


Nice one. I may say that onus of being good may be linked to " What will people say ". That makes one forgo so many simple pleasures of life. So one needs to be good but not at the cost of being denied GOOD Life. I feel that as long as one does not harm or hurt someone intentionally / maliciously , physically or emotionally or sentimentaly, one is good. One should follow own conscience and go ahead with life.

Take care

PS : No valuable views in my space?

Kunal Garg said...
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Kunal Garg said...

n now as i realise ...dis blog is really is really really nice...

Ellen said...

Nice read and honestly written. Thanks for sharing, Jigyasa. Best of the day to you and plenty more in the week ahead. God bless!