Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Being kind of perfect ;-)

Buddha says, "When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back & laugh at the sky."

Have you ever wondered what it means to be kind of perfect? Well! I think it means a lot. I totally agree to the saying that goes like, nobody is perfect. Whoever said this must have thought of making the chase to perfection a never ending affair. And I guess that’s the perfect idea! What say?

But ‘Feeling Perfect’ sometimes is good for health, happiness & life. One must feel at times and say to oneself... ‘Oh yeah! I am kind of perfect’. If you find this idea weird- all I would say is try this once & experience. When life ditches you at times, people don’t understand, friends don’t have the time and loved ones are ignorant, the technique of feeling perfect works wonders. This feeling itself fills one with lot of confidence & courage. It brings the otherwise negative vibes back on track and a sudden rush thrills us. It makes us feel that everything around is Perfect like Buddha says!

‘Feeling perfect’ not only gives confidence, instead it’s a quick dosage of assurance & conformity. Only thing one should be careful about is Arrogance. This kills the beauty of being perfect. This pulls in negativity & eventually starts ruling over the brain and then captures the speech. Arrogance must be avoided to the last extent.

So, all I am trying to say is, Next time you feel low just look at yourself in the mirror and say – I am my good. I am what I am. O yeah! I am kind of perfect ;-)

And yes, share with me – the difference you feel. Cheers!


Vamsi said...

@ jigyasa,
i guess u are right that i should try to be perfect. sometimes at the early stages, he/she may face some disturbances in his/her chemistry with others.
but once that person's personality accepts this trait of doing things perfectly, politically correctly, and with some eye on distinguishing right from wrong, then world accepts that person with open arms.
i agree arrogance can be a spoiler sometimes.
good blogpost.
cheers !

Naimesh said...

thats very true jigyasa....However i think feeling content with what you have is much more important...because content with one's self and surrounding itself brings satisfaction with everything including "need for perfection"...however too much satisfaction sometimes lead to the state of inactivity, which again brings back the sorrows of life...isnt it a vicious cycle? :)

Jack said...


Gem of a post. It is almost next to impossible for anyone to be perfect but one can always have perfection in some sphere or the other. That in itself should make person confident and happy. One should not be arrogant as it leads to negative.

Take care

shoOOonya said...

I would say its not just about 'being' perfect ...

its more about 'Feeling' perfect !

Wake up in the morning - feel and believe - that you are in the 'perfect' mood to take on the day, take on the world challenges ...

Think about your goals and dreams and think You are perfectly placed to achive them !!

being Perfect is a state of mind ! :)

KParthasarathi said...

I liked the post

Ellen said...

Hi Jigs,

I like what shoOOonya said and agree with his explanation of 'feeling' and 'being' perfect. The 'being' --is something to work hard on but may or may not be realized. The 'feeling' --is right here in our hands, so to speak, and helps us move through our day with confidence and a good amount of positivity.

You're at your usual best, Jigs, pricking readers' thoughts. :-)