Monday, November 10, 2008

WhEn GoInG GeTs ToUgH, ToUgH GoEs FoR a CoFFee BrEaK.

How simple & uncomplicated sentence which says it all, Why to take things so seriously in life that by the time we make life uncomplicated we are serious(ly) ill or suffering or just fighting to stay fit. Now isn’t that a thing so boring to think?

Yeah, thought of why not write something easy & meaningful. I know one has got to struggle in life, to dream & then to live those dreams. Oh! you know while writing this what came to my mind just now, Saif Ali Khan from the movie HumTum, saying “Ye Zindagi bahut badi hai aur hamare paas time bahut kam”. Bingo! Incidentally, we all agree to this but we keep forgetting the first half and keep struggling on the later part. Don’t you think it’s been a while & you should have some fun may be a recreation trip, a get together, a novel, a trip with friends or may be something just like that!

The title of this article is been picked from the status message of a friend, guess he must have kept it on an obvious situation at work. But it clicks; I mean there is nothing wrong. Do we actually remember about the last time when we were just ourselves, out of the mad rush of money, status & making a place? I know it’s easier said then done but the point here is how many acknowledge this loss and at least make an attempt towards this. Very few and most of them understand, acknowledge & then get back to work.

Have been reading a lot lately and from no where this thing came to mind, that it’s important & good to realize that making it to it is not everything in life. Living up to it is life. We have been watching our previous generations, getting on the job, reaching a point, saving and settling their kids and then they feel they are done, when their body & stamina tells them its done too and let me bring this here – that their lifestyles were far better then ours so we are more prone to risks and need to be careful.

I don’t say one should stop dreaming. Only point I am trying to make here is realize the hardships to attain those dreams and let there be no cost attached. I remember reading somewhere, ‘Its better to live rich then to die rich’ and I solely agree to it, one must live rich in terms of money, health, attitude & values because that’s what makes a difference. Rich pockets are an important ingredient of a good life but they do not essentially assure a rich life.

Recently was watching one of the SRK’s interview, and when asked about his fitness, he snapped I have been thinking better- thinking positve. Even if one can’t think good things about a certain issue, one must not let the bad things too. Yet again an easy task to do! All one needs is to drain out the negative thoughts, the uneasiness of life goes away with that, try to feel healthy & make an attempt. Think you are happy & make an attempt. Have a routine, have priorities in life and ignore the unnecessary stress and above all keep smiling, yeah always!

Enjoy the Coffee!!


vijay said...

very well said Jigyasa,

from personal experience, i can vouch that we have, persuing our so called fantacies, forgotten 2 live & enjoy our every moment.

the story of coffee & the professor & the various types of cups in which he serves it, - as we all have read - does point 2 all the stress we accumulate.

periodic write ups like this do - for a while - bring some sense to us all b4 we r back in the rut , RUT RATHER THAN BEING IN A GROVE, if one understands the differeence.

also if i may add - we ganerally wait 2 reach the destination 2 be able 2 enjoy anything, rather than enjoying every moment of the journey. truest u understand what it means :))


Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

@ VS

Yes I agree that in lurch for destination we just tend to ignore the journey which is undoubtedly more b'ful then the destination at times....

Keep Smiling!!

shoOOonya said...

The 'coffee break' need not be seen as ashort break only. Life often comes to a bend in life where we really need to take a break.

Listen to your heart and do what you want to do. Few people have the freedom to do that. Lucky are those who can.

All the Best !

shoOOonya said...

And yes ... what vijay said about the journey and the destination is indeed true.

Most people forget that LIFE is a journey whose ultimate destination is death.

One should enjoy the Journey !!

Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

@ ShoOOonya

Agreed!! One must do what they want to do...or they shud just fall in love with what they have been doing!! Thats Life :-)

Ellen said...

Great piece, Jigyasa. And I like the line 'tough goes for a coffee break'.

Hope you are having a pleasant week.
Take care. Blessings to you and family.

Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

@ Ellen

Yeah even I loved the line, glad you visted.

Keep Smiling!!

Kaua said...

well said !

i think SRk too has summed up the whole thing quite well...u knw to be happy evn when things around u r messed up is what a true fighter cn do !! n mind u its not tuff ;-)

Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

Hey Kaua....Nice to see ya around....yeah well said....being happy always is a thing only fighters can do...!!

Keep writing n keep smiling!!

Rup said...

hi miss jigyasa,

well its wonderful to see when some small things (like status message of a frend) clicks.. and then.. result is such a wonderful post..

I agree with almost everything written.. be it dreaming to living rich..

wonderful :)

Btw.. how come you drop by my post so often? we did not had much interaction over o3 i guess? and I just hope u are from o3!! just wondering.. neways!!!

nice post!


Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

@ Rup

Thanks for the visit.......I am glad you liked the post and agree on most of the things written...

Well yes I too am from O3 but even I dont remember your space on O3.....How I visit your space too often is bcoz I keep visiting blogger world, looking for good read :)

Keep Smiling!!

Bariski said...

groovy :D


Bariski said...

Bird why is that u have not submitted your blog to any search engine :| u will get better traffic from there and you have no alexa ranking :|
u wih chimpu naa err.. Sunalini? ;)


Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

@ Bariski

Bird....!! Anyways welcome to my space.....and thanks for the suggestion but you gotta tell me how to put it on a search far as chimpu is concerned she got shocked when I called her like this ;-) Thanks!!

Life said...

hello jigyasa :)

though i did not read the story but i sense its something related to relaxing... ru??? me was away from blog world since long time ....hope ur doing good,,,

Take Care

Ellen said...

Hi Jigyasa!

Wishing you and your family a BLESSED NEW YEAR. May your cup be filled to the brim and over with lots of good things.

Take care.