Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Experience - Khublei Shillong

Cntd...Picture this...my previous post..

When we are excited, there is a danger that things might turn a little wrong. Exactly, the same way I began my journey. First we went to the bus stand and realized the bus I have got my tickets booked will go from another one, i.e. some 7 kms away. Bingo! We had to rush and we could make it on time. Then while on my way to Delhi, we got stuck into a huge traffic jam. Yeah we were at a standstill for 5 hours and I could hear my fellow passengers canceling their air tickets and some even smiling (though it was tough for them). Of course I was nervous, wondering what next? I called up Rohit to check, whether I too should cancel my tickets – Halo effect I believe! But then as always, he told me to keep some patience. I remember by then I had even asked my neighbor the procedure to cancel my tickets :-

Anyways, I reached the Delhi Bus Stand at around 8.45 am (btw my flight time was 11.20am) and I rushed to home, got ready and rushed again. Thanks to my friend who was there on time to accompany me till the airport and it was fine because I was busy talking then looking at my watch again & again. And believe me having breakfast in the auto is not that bad. Finally I was there at terminal 1 at 10.50am. Huh! I was actually going to Shillong :-). The flight was smooth and nice and we din’t faced much of air-traffic. I reached Guwahati in the afternoon and I was at Shillong at 6pm. It was a beautiful journey but by this time very-very tiring. It was a warm welcome and I was pleased to be there. I stayed in one of the guest faculty apartment. It was a nice and cozy apartment and I was really happy.

One of my students of CRM came around 8pm to take me to the IIM Shillong mess for dinner. We had some healthy discussions at the dinner table and I was escorted back to my apartment. Next morning, we had a quick meeting with Col. Biswas who had taken the initiative for SERM course from Assam Rifles. I thank him for he arranged a vehicle for sight scene in and around Shillong. Believe me, it’s a beautiful place. I am sure I know why was called ‘The Scotland of East’ few years back. One of the interesting things I learned about Shillong was about ‘quawaye’ – a Pan leaf with lime soda powder which we refer to as ‘chuna’ in common parlance, is one of the main serving with tea or a gesture of respect to your visitors. On enquiring I found that, at times when poverty ruled the households, the locals over there decided that a person, who is not economically sound to serve delicacies to the guests, can serve ‘quawaye’ with tea as a sign of respect and thankfulness. Interesting & nice concept it is, also a tradition of the common households of Shillong.

I also did some mystery shopping, as that was my plan for the session I had prepared. I had to give my audience some local & relevant examples. I knew those examples would even help them in doing right comparative study.

Now coming to the sessions, they were good and I am sure I could make them interesting as well as interactive. I can say so because my session got stretched from 2 to 3 hours and they were still ready to sit. I was overwhelmed and thankful to all of them. I hope to get even more such chances to help people understand things better.

Lastly, I learned a beautiful word – Khublei meaning, thank you. And with that I decide to wrap up this journey through the memory lane.

Khublei Shillong :-)


Vamsi said...

@ jigyasa,
was it sightseeing in the bahana of teaching ?
sounds interesting !
cheers !

Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

@ vamsi

Well I got few hours and then I kept on clicking pictures during my travel from Guwahati to Shillong!!! Then I have mentioned about the mystery shopping thing.....anyways, I appreciate the way you think :-)

vijay said...

that was a nice trip we had wid u down memory lane Jigyasa.

ur initial delays & the patience u showed, did end up well.

thx. 4 sharing.

read @ Leh - mentally preparing 2 visit sometime, North east is beutiful i am told .


twilightreadings said...

Hey jigyasa.

Loved our post it was really refreshing and true to fact experience.

Btw we share same professional arenas. I am also from marketing and advertising . i guess we are the people who make choices for shoppers at times.. lolss
It was nice to know . Lets be in touch

btw i cant post comment from wordpress account how is tht?

anyways will figure it out later and hey i replied back to your comment at my page and i am going to add you to my list as well


Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

@ Aditi

Thats what I could catch from other comments on your blog ;-)

Its so good to see a fellow blogger from the same work arena...and I am honoured to be listed at ur space.......Thanks :-)

Stay Connected!!

Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

@ VS

Thanks!! Yeah North east is b'ful even I want to plan a leisure trip to explore it more..may be sometime in future....

keep smiling!!

Sarang said...

must be an exciting journey.

Echo said...

wowwwwww!!awesome gurl!!!!m so proud of u!!!teaching at an iim!!m sure u rocked babe!
n shillong..beautiful pic..wish u more beautiful times ahead!

Scribblers Inc said...

khublei for the comments!!:D

I have been tryin to find a publisher to atleast talk, but to no effect. If you could help out, would be great!! you could get in touch at insanemindfreak@gmail.com.

Scribblers Inc.

Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

@ Sarang

Yes, indeed it was:-)

Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

@ Echo

Thanks for the lovely message......yeah it was a too good experience......you be good at Kolkata!!!

Ritu said...

Good post describing good experience and fun

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