Monday, March 17, 2008

Tag of Eight....:-)

Tagged by Kaua.....Thanks to her for so sweetly she left a sweet reminder on the review panel....

Eight things I am passionate about

1. Writing....I wish to improve myself each day
2. Movies....
3. Fun-outings.....even if it is window shopping I am fine...
4. My home.....has to be organised (I dint say my room ;-))
5. Travelling... I truly enjoyed exploring new places whichever I have till date
6. Pranks.........I love teasing 'few' friends till they say please.... to me
7. Long Drives - Be it a bike ride or a car......
8. Music & Dancing (Though I am not gr8 at it....)

Eight things I want to do before I die

1. Learn Salsa...
2. Go for a world tour with my hubby.....even if its @ d age of 60
3. To be successful in the world of brands & marcomm
4. To join an NGO and to take charge of an unprivileged child (a girl child)

5. To be an established writer....
6. Buy my own car and to gift one to my hubby
7. To see my l'll brother taking my Dad's business to gr8ter heights
8. Have a coffee with Madhuri, Kajol, Barkha Dutt, Prasoon Joshi.......arey it can be a get together also.....

Eight things I say often

1. Too much
2. O really
3. Shut-up
4. Not fair
5. You never know!
6. Keep Smiling
7. Gawwd...
8. Hello...

Eight books I've read recently

Have been irregular from quite some time but anyways....
1. Doctor Zhivago
2. A book on Advertising
3. Somewhat read, The Golden Gate

4. I think it was, Screw it - Lets do it!! Lessons of Life from Richard Branson
5. The Class
6. Blue Ocean Strategy
Now I dont remember the sequence, currently reading The Fountain Head!!! Did try Robin Sharma in between ........seems like I am more of a self-motivated soul..

Eight songs I could listen to, over and over

1. Nahi Saamne .............from Taal
2. Na tum hamein jano......
3. Boulevard of Broken Dreams.......Greenday

4. Jaane kya chahe man banwara.....Pyar ke side effects
5. In dino ...............Life in a metro
6. Tum pukar lo ...........Khamoshi (the B/W one)
7. You are beautiful.....James Blunt
8. If you really......Bryan Adams
Guess we could have an 80 tag for this....

Eight things that attracts me to my best friends

1. Same mental pedestal
2. Jovial
3. Good listening best friends say so!!!
4. No gender biased attitude
5. Caring
6. Honesty...could be read Straightforward
7. No double standards

8. Respect humanity, before any class, religion etc.

People I think should do this tag

1. Lusty aka Lust4Life
2. Suddentwilight aka Paro
3. Shoooonya
4. Manoj
5. Ellen

Keep Smiling!!!


Vamsi said...

@ jigyasa ...
nice ...

Chakoli said...

so cute ....:-)))

SOngs list is good one:-)))

I l also join get to with kajol...and all:-)))

Thats so concern of you to mention about an NGO:-)))

Going on aworld tour at so romantic:-)))

Jiyo lyf !! said...

hey sensitive,

enjoyed reading :P

Same pinch @ driving ...

do invite me on coffee wid barkha...not fond of the actors ;-)

n yea agree wid chakss @ 60 going for world tour is really romantic...


Anonymous said...

mean... busybee and now u :P

Lust4Life said...

Hiiiiiiii Jigs,

Damn interesting post!!
Glad to know more about u :)

Not a surprise, v hav lots in common here too. hehe
Long drives, movies,music,window shopping, jovial ....

Melodious list of songs.
Never heard abt those books except 2nd n Fountainhead.

Go 4 Salsa, its fun... ch cha cha

Wish ur lil bro reach heights of success.
Joining an NGO n taking care of a girl child is a very noble thought.

Hope u go on a world tour b4 u turn 60 :)

Wish u success in watever u do ;)

Thanks for the tag sweetie, vl come up with a post sometime soon.


Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

@ Vamsi....
Thanks, btw I know m nice!!!

@ Chakoli, @ Kaua

:-) Will surely invite two of you for coffee...with kajol & barkha!! And if they ditch us, I am sure we will have njoi together :)

@ Suddentwilight

That means you must take it NOW!!!

@ Lusty

Thanks for your wishes. They just mean too much to me. Wish you the very best always :-) And yes, m looking forward to your tag post!

Kaua said...

HEya dear !

happy holi to u n ur family


Vamsi said...

@ jigyasa ...

well ... i was talking about the blogpost ... that is nice ...

and if you tell that you are nice ... then i will accept that ! :-))

happy holi ...

Life said...

good one to know abt u

Take Care

Ellen said...

Hi there, Jigyasa!

Want to take a peek at my Tag of 8's ? :-) Sorry that it took longer than usual. You sure got me to thinking hard Lols! Something which I've not been doing lately ... and why the absence of a new post. Let's just say that am going through some low moments; happens to everybody. :-) But no worries, I'll be fine. This thing is only temporary - the memories are still new, yeah!

Take care now.
Blessings to you and your family.

mahek said...

Very nice 1.enjoyed light reading.:)

In songs list, all are good but I matched my choice with 3. taal,PKSE, Metro.:D