Friday, March 14, 2008

Lessons Life taught...

1. I have learnt that running from life isn’t a solution, it only makes you breathe heavy in the long run.

2. I have learnt that life is just too complicated, even at times when I think its not.

3. I have learnt life is so simple, mostly on the celluloid.

4. I have learnt money & not life becomes the sole motive for everything we do.

5. I have learnt dreams are good only if they are realistic.

6. I have learnt sometimes it’s a stranger we need for help then a friend or relative.

7. I have learnt ‘words of wisdom’ could be reached anytime, anywhere from anyone.

8. I have learnt books are actually the best friends, for they are always in our reach. And they never leave us too.

9. I have learnt education grooms us into a better person, but it has got too many side effects.

10. I have learnt not everything could be left on others, just to make them happy. You have got to think for yourself.

11. I have learnt that at the end of the day, I am myself is my best friend.

12. I have learnt that sometimes you have got to trust your instinct. Only thing is you should not ignore the doubts.

13. I have learnt one should have priorities but don’t let a person become your priority.

14. I have learnt all I need at times is ‘Solitude’, to get the peace of mind.

15. I have learnt if I smile at myself in the morning it becomes easy to smile during the long day.

Life goes on….and so does its lessons!!!

Keep Faith - Keep Smiling :-)


Vamsi said...

@ jigyasa ...
nice one ... enjoyed reading.
this reminds me of Jonny Walker's two words - 'KEEP WALKING' -:))

Jiyo lyf !! said...

hey Jigyasa,

i agree with each n every word that u have written...and i cn actually associate myself with it coz these have been my observations too rather these r the lessons that lyf has taught me too evr since i have started working...but lyf does n teaches what its got to..So we keep moving n accepting evrything with a pinch of salt, a blend of happiness and sorrow which makes lyf more spicy....else it would b monotonous...

Anyways,Take care


Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

@ Vamsi....'Keep Walking' says it all...thanks for your visit!!

@ Kaua.....Welcome to my space and thanks for leaving your views..I too read about the Challenges and reverted. Keep visiting!

Keep Smiling

Suddentwilight said...

Jiggy baby.. yup its me .. know it took me a sound shaking to get back to normal . But in the end I realised I was crying for someone who never was mine. Decided to take up living again.. for myself this time...

From an old song..

Ek subah ek mod par mainne kaha usse rok kar..Haath badha ae zindagi, aankh milaakar baat kar...

btw I agree with each and every lesson you have listed down :D ..

Anonymous said...

Hi Jigyasa,

Thanks for visiting my blog and apologies for this extremely delayed reply. When something is delayed.. reasons usually start pouring in.. I'll be very honest.. Its been ages since I visited my own blog.

Lets say... "I've manage to tangle myself in activities which have kept me away from this world of writing which I enjoy spending time on" and by activities i mean... Work.. Sports, Travelling.. Picnics... Parties... and the likes..

I appreciate your style of writing.. Should I attribute it to your skills for advertising or for seeing life as very few management graduates manage to see.. In a bid to earn those green/blue/pink/red bills, I sometimes feel like a creative mind trapped in a profession which demands numbers, looking up at screens.. working and seeing blips of lights from the computers. Na.. I dont hate them.. They have been my bread n butter from 8 years now.. But, when i need to express my creative thoughts..where my mind takes off and soars into imagination.. computers just aid me to write those words..rather than propel me towards excellence in writing.. Hmm... Miss my jounalism days !!!!

Let me comment on your posts all at one go :)

Lessons Life Taught !!!

Life has and will keeping teaching us its lessons.. The beauty is to learn from every little experience picking up those nuggets which NO book/guide or example can give to us !!

I live by this... "Everything that happens to you is your teacher. The secret is to learn to sit at the feet of your own life and be taught by it."

and I also firmly believe that

"The Self is the self's best friend or the self's worst enemy.
Depends on how we mould the self :)

A very well written piece !! :)


Staying abroad for over 1 1/2 years now.. I've seen both sides of the coin.. The best and worst that an NRI goes through.. Although I am NOT an NRI (Non Reliable Indian) :D I find most ppl know what you are and how much your are worth it.. Its some place that still put NRI on a pedestel and place the world at his place !!! :( which I am totally opposed to !!! I hope things improve for the better !!! :)


It took me 27 years and 7000 kms away from home to realize this special power within me.. And the DAY i found it and realized its potential.. .I've always been :)

Good... I never knew how to explain to my pals.. Now.. I have a word to present to some souls who go searching for the Oxford dictionary at the drop of a hat :D

Waiting for someone

Amazing article !!!! What do I write.. Maybe this article for waiting for me to read it... Wink!!

In Pursuit of Happiness

Whenever I feel lost.. tired.. bored.. or just plain irritated.. I remember those special moments in my life that have brought out the best in me... Look into the gems of history... and try to embed the same in my future...

Life is simple.. You get what you seek.. and if its pursuit of happiness that you seek for.. you will get it :)

Well very written posts.. I hope to be a regular soon.. For now.. Another soul needs a smile and I am going to just make that happen for him/her :))



Ellen said...

Hi Jigyasa (Sensitive),

Your blog is so interesting and every piece a gem. :-) Haven't been so active in the blog lately; busy with a lot of things in the home and errands that seem endless.

So with this downtime I'm getting now, I'm glad to drop by and read your blog. Thank you for sharing these gems.

See you around. Always take care.
Blessings to you.


Sensitive:-) Jigyasa said...

No words....

@ Manoj

I really can't believe that you took time to read and review all my posts at one go. Thats truly an honour.

Thanks a lot.

@ Ellen

Yeah! I missed you here, simply because you are one amazing source of regular encouragement.

Glad that you are back!!

Keep visiting. Keep Smiling!!

Kaua said...

hey sensitive...

u have been tagged !! do take it up !!

Anonymous said...


No worries with the thanks :)

Thanks for tagging me.. Will pick it up tomorrow.. Been watching the monitor for 16 hours today :(




shoOOonya said...

I mussay ... u have learnt quite a lot ... most people learn all this at a very late stage in life ...


keep smiling

mahek said...

Hey jigyasa,
I know there are too many heys and hi's from my side today in all posts.
But really awesome writing skills. Frankly speaking, the way you configure ur thaughts and presented it here have impressed me.And I have learned a lot from ur learning.:)
Keep smiling:))