Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Waiting for someone..!

Waiting for someone…

Kehte hain intezaar mein bhi maza hai? How it feels like waiting for someone? Is it really fun or just an itchy & irritating feeling that not only spoils your plan but also your mood?

Well, depends on whom are you waiting for, why are you waiting for and in what circumstances are you waiting for. Let’s consider some of the circumstances which we all must have faced sometime or the other.

Waiting for an interview, its like breathing normal, telling ourselves that I am fine, I can do it and then taking a deep sigh, praying, God! I know you are there. Help me present myself more confident than I actually am.

Next could be, waiting for your date at a restaurant or a multiplex. Ah! Sleepy eyes being decked up, looking for someone with a nervous heart making one feel hollow within. Wow! The fear of shoes getting dirty or the hair gel loosing its effect…damn, he/she will be reaching anytime.

What else do we wait for most?

Oh, A Bus or may be a local train, which is the medium of to & fro in our everyday oscillating lives from home to work & vice-versa. This one is little tricky to follow because at some point of time it becomes part of our everyday routine and we just keep following the routine. And when the everyday wait stretches for say more than ten minutes, we start becoming panicky thinking, if we have actually missed the train/bus and going to be late today. But in this process, we make new friends who are called, the train friend, and the bus friend or may be the bus-stop friend.

Hey! Never realized that waiting could be fun too!

What could be more fearsome?

Waiting for exam results, which can be out anytime? Gosh! This is just breathtaking. Came, not now, came, not now. These days, it’s sometimes system failure or power breakdown, the server overloaded or a network jam. And while we wait, the heavy heart takes the toll. At the same time, there is wait to let the previous one get over, because then comes the holidays ;-)

As I said in the beginning, it depends.

Getting on to the emotional side,

Waiting for a life to come, an infant to born, I remember when my cousin had her labor pains, I was waiting outside with a vague feeling, vague because I cant say I was elated as she struggled in pain and neither can I say that I was not curious for each next moment at that time. As I was waiting in the hospital lobby, all lost staring the tiles, suddenly appeared my brother-in-law and gave the news, they were blessed with a baby boy.

Ah! The whole wait comes to life on seeing in front a new life.

Next could be, a bride waiting for her groom. This one could be defined as, an excitement filled doubtful wait. Lot of hopes and lots of worries, a dream of love and various queries, a reception for life and a moment you cherish. Waiting for this moment is just like life, as it gets over, one enters a new life.

Wondering, what made me write so much here about ‘Waiting’, well the wait ends here; as he has come and we got to go now. I was just sitting here waiting for my husband ;-)


shoOOonya said...

Waiting is not a pain if the end result is worth the wait !

BTW ... its been quite some time i read about a not so glorious event of life being viewed from so many perspectives ...

This one was a real good one ...

Keep writing ...

Orkut said...

Nice thoughts on waiting. I been asked a lot of times if I like waiting. I never understood that question.... I guess it depends.. You have mentioned many experiences on waiting. I also remember one, when my uncle was admitted in hospital and was in critical condition. We were waiting for him to get well. I remember a message written on every wall of hospital.. "This too will pass"". I was waiting all that to pass. It passed with my uncle's death. It was new year's eve. I was also waiting for new year..............

Sarang said...

The last pargraph on the bride waiting can be a good prose.

Prose in the text appeals more than only text.

Good one
keeb scribling and following your dreams, for your dreams are the one which will never leave you alone.

mahek said...

Hi jigyasa,
First of all thanx for the encouragement given by you in my blog.
Then I opened your blog and I dont believe it that for the first time I was confused here that with which 1 should I start. And decided that will try to read as many articles as i can.
Very nicely framed article as you didnt miss even 1 waiting call here and revived the different waits of our life.
Liked the marraige para as it has a rhyme in its writing.:))