Thursday, January 10, 2008

In Pursuit of Happiness

What is the single thing which makes us do each thing in life? All I could think of is, it is the Quest for being happy, always. If you agree to this notion, then read ahead.

Be it at work, the studies, the relationship or even the mot weird pranks we play to friends, all have a single goal i.e. happiness, which is been pursued with different names for each, like, fun, growth, serenity, security, financial freedom etc all leads to happiness because somewhere we have defined the parameters of our own happiness. Haven’t we?

In between this flow of thought, I had one more intriguing question, knocking the wall of m brain as – Why am I writing something like this? And here I found the answer, may be I desperately need someone for a long & looked up to tête-à-tête. And as always when I find no-one for this reason, I have this amazing thing called MS-Word and so what if it doesn’t responds; at least, it never stops me in expressing myself. However, it gives me the freedom to talk without any fears, concerns, calculations etc. And right now, all I crave for is to have a rap session with someone who is willing to listen & understand.

Like one of my friend was telling me, last one year my life is been on a roller-coaster and current state of mind says, the new year will be spent in settling with the effects of that. My parents always say, I mean its been 24 years that I am too sensitive and where as my friends feel I am ever-smiling and few who are close to me, understands me as a complicated comprehension. Yes, I agree that I am full of fun and a prankster at times but there are certain issues I am too sensitive for, that include certain people too. Few of them know it well and rest just keep on hurting me now n then.

I want to be a free-spirit.

Yes, that’s the other side. I want to be a free-spirit. I remember when I was struggling in Delhi to get an admission in a good B-school, slowly and slowly I had managed to come out of my fear- ‘of not being able to do something’ and I realized that- ‘I got to do something’ and so life became a little easy. Finally, when I got admission in a B’lore based school, I was all set for new learning, new experience with almost three times more far from my place. It was exciting and I was little doubtful at the same time. For the very reason was going to be all by myself, no friends, and no relatives. Well, that was a tough start but a blissful end. Because by then, I had learned to be myself, to love myself, to be a maverick, I had an opinion worth valuing and I learned to take charge of my actions and my life. (Thanks to the friend who out of irritation told me to do so) Post that I traveled to Mumbai for my job and life was full of wonderful, funny, weird, struggling and learning experiences. I had so much to do and I was all confident for the same. I completely enjoyed being independent. And this all gained confidence to me and my parents were just proud of me. And my siblings were proud to demand more gifts and few more, the last time….which never ended.

Post that, as it’s been said, ‘Life comes a full circle’ and then it marks the beginning of a new circle, someone marked the same for me as well. But being a hopeless optimist, for heaven’s sake, I want to be a ‘free-spirit’.


shoOOonya said...

Some things never change ... and some things do ..


Never let your 'free spirit' change ... ever ...

It a rare privilege to have in ones life

All the Best

Treadstone71 said...

Wish you "Hakuna Matata"