Friday, May 1, 2015

Papa ji - Our Rockstar

Papa ji – that is how we call our grandfather fondly. And now when I am pretty grown up to understand the world ways, I am thankful we dint call him Dada Ji. He was no way less than a father to me or my family.

I lost him on April 23rd and I feel life will not be the same. Like I know Lord Shiva is by my side, I feel my grandpa will be my side too but the realization that he won’t be around anymore – is nagging, it irks me and brings tears. I was and still known as – his favorite grandchild. But you know what – it doesn’t matters, for I always maintained that I am God’s favorite child – whether he showers blessings or he tests my patience. I know he is around and for some reason he took away Papa ji – that too suddenly. He was doing Ok – health wise and otherwise. He lived like a rockstar and now he is a 'star' up above in the sky.

I and my family are finding it difficult to cope – because he was very much a family man. We celebrated his last B’Day in October - all together. We feel blessed about the day – we gave him a happy b’day though we dint knew it was going to be the last with him around.

May be I am writing so much, because I saw death so closely for the first time, by this day I had not thought about it or about losing a closed one in a fraction of seconds.  At the funeral – I overheard people saying that he went like a blessed soul – because he dint feel any pain or problem and he dint of course let anyone know that he is going away. It was a normal routine day – he went for the walk, played with my niece and everything just so normal. And I get a call in the evening – with the news that he is gone.

There is absolutely no denying the fact that he was the most attached family member to everyone, a caring husband, a friendly father, concerned father-in-law, fantastic uncle and a doting grand dad I ever came across. And he had this forever ‘ZEST’ for life and to ‘LEARN’.

Life ‘goes’ on – I have learnt this in the last week but the memories come to me every day in each moment.  Whether it was my fee installments for the 2 years of my MBA or the engagement day, he was with me. He used to keep the record and remind dad about my course fee installments or it was my first step to enter the new life or new family – he took me arm to arm.

He was extra-proud of me.  On my first flight – he called to ask me, how was my first flight? I remember I used to call him on each important day of my life- an exam, an interview or a speaking event. I have had the best of conversations with him – On spirituality and books.

Whatever he would read or relate or feel lonely at times – he used to call up & share. Funny it might sound, but he used to call me to complaint about my grand ma and even his grand children. He was always a Best Friend and now will be my BFF till the end of life.

Another best thing about him is, he used to maintain a Family tree record. I am sure not everyone has read it – but he used to update it. He had his own Facebook well maintained even before I was born. He used to update all life events – my dad’s wedding to my wedding and even the details like High School, Senior Secondary and our Graduations are well tuned into it. Latest being the birth of my niece & nephews.

Sharing below the things is learnt from him:

1. Be Cool. Eat well, sleep on time, and worship God and just chill.
2. Live Life and Appreciate beauty.
3. Age is just a number, it doesn’t suggest – one should stop learning.
4. Love children. Do Good for the orphans. Service to mankind - the needy, the orphan or the underprivileged  is better then religious service. 
5. Respect Women. (I do not remember a single incident of him telling us to not do something because of being a girl) 
6. Care for your partner and the family.
7. Keep Working and maintain good health.
8. Eat what you like. It is ok to experiment with food.
9. Celebrate life and the little events of it.
10. Read – it helps.
11. Forgive easily. That only makes you better.
12. Keep Faith in God. Just do your job.
13. Stand your heads up - it is you who know what you are. 
14. Follow trends, keep yourself updated with the world.

Not that you are gone but you are more with us now for we all know that you are a family man and you just cannot be away from us. And I know you will always be around. 

Love you Papa ji. 


prachi pahuja said...

will miss nana ji. yes he was the same n will always be there as what he taught us will always be reflected in our deeds. he is there alive in our hearts, captured for lifetime.

Naimesh said...

may his sould rest in peace. loosing your most lively audience is a big pain to deal with. may you have strength to handle the grief.