Friday, March 12, 2010

NaStY LiFe :-/ BuT LeTs KeeP GoInG!!

Life at times goes as nasty as it can. I am astounded, absorbed and still struggling for the act called entrepreneur. Though I am glad, God included this part to my life. Yes, one fine day and in some fine seconds of life – I decided to get absorbed on my own. I mean to work on my own. And that was the moment when I decided to call it quits to my well paying job which was nicely earning me incentives and lot of appreciation. If I calculate it today – I was happy with my work as my clients were really appreciating. But anyways, a decision taken is a decision followed. So, I started working on it. From nomenclature to concept, from service module to blogs, I was busy doing everything. Finally, I launched 3OTH FEB. Wow! You must be wondering about the name. Well that’s the name I gave to my venture. Yes, there is a tag line too, it’s called – Obviously Different Ideaz. For it says that we are professionals with weird, non-existing different ideaz & creativity.

Setting it up looked tough but not anymore. Sustainability looked like a challenge but we are working on it. Infrastructure is still a weakness. Threat is just the negative thoughts.

Today I wonder about what keeps me going? Well, its ideaz & inspiration. And yes those few people around who told me once and those who keep on re-iterating, ‘you will do it’. I at times ponder – what is more difficult to follow your life or to follow your heart? I am doing what I always wanted to and to get it in the way I want is what the struggle is all about. Lately, I have realized everybody doesn’t takes and organized & straight way as a virtue.

The pressure of sustainability & progress of my venture is mine. And then there is Halo Effect. Everybody else is into a good job and making good money – why did you have to do this? All working women manage life two ways – why you worry a lot. If I am scared of driving (after my dad survived a fatal accident) – why that is being made a mistake a blunder. And above all – what if I believe in doing things my way and those ways do not harm anybody and am absolutely not about breaking rules. Why am I told to do things, talk, walk & even think in the generalized way of life which everybody describes? Why am not I allowed to take charge? People believe in me but want to lead me always. Huh!

Yesterday, I was humming a song and I forgot the words. And I realized that I am so engrossed in my everyday work that I am at a loss of concentration and lack of life. Imagine I couldn’t recall the last time – I was humming a song. And then I realized that I have been pre-occupied, at times with work and at times the pressure of no work. It would be a lie of I say I haven’t missed my job days – I mean who would not miss a lovely bunch of colleagues, daily chit-chats, gossips and above all a pay cheque every month with all the powers of shopping, fun & frolic.

But this is a challenge and I am dedicated to it. I am hopeful about life and I respect the relations & friends and I believe in walking together. Now isn’t that enough!
It all ends up with a one-liner I read, "Grant me patience, but please hurry!"


Sunalini said...

I know you can and you "will" take "30thfeb" to new heights and soon there will be a time when you will be the one giving "incentives and lot of appreciation" :)

Remember "When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going"

Best Wishes

Jack said...


After availing premature retirement from Service I too wanted to start something of my own. I had lots of ideas, some of those far fetched. I could not as none of my family members were keen on that. So I worked in various organisations at senior level with good rapport but in hearts of heart I was still keen on my own thing. Now that is too late but I do consultancy which gives me freedom of time and choose what I wish to do. Just GO AHEAD and follow your heart. You will do well.

Take care

Chakoli said...

Congrats for your launch!!

nice and kewl name... with a tag line....

no doubt... inspiration and challenges are necessary... to achive anything..