Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bygones be Bygones..

At the outset of New Year, I have been wondering about the year gone. Saying that, suddenly the one liner knocked in my mind which goes like – ‘If you are still thinking about yesterday, you have not done much today’. And quite aptly, it says it all. I haven’t done much in the year gone by. I mean there are some lacunae that trouble me.

I may have positively brought in a difference to the lives of few closed ones. But I have not actually excelled and the grown as a professional. Blame it on the unnecessary thoughts and the frivolous tension which I allow my brain to ponder over & worry – but I have lost a lot of time. May be the idea of doing things in sync with all and doing them, the way I want created some ruckus.

The year gone by left me confused, indecisive at lot of times. And may be some bad luck prevailed on the work front. Loosing must have been lot easier this year then sustaining. But the good news is – I dint compromised with life. I lived it. And the spirit if living left me with some great moments, fewer achievements and some quieter moments to cherish.

Writing surely is one thing which suffered, I guess it got ignored big time. But honestly, bad concentration was the problem. I was kind of into too many things which worked well and shall fetch some good credits in the coming months. But that’s what is been attempted – results are awaited and the risk percentage is just too high. Also this year we had another transition in place and we moved to Gurgaon from Chandigarh. We truly miss the city b’ful.

One of the good things which happened this year is 30TH FEB. Yes that’s the name of my venture. I launched it on November 17th, 2009. Though it’s in the struggle phase, it could come out well – is truly an achievement. Finally, I could bring out my ideas on a website and could talk about it so clearly.

Though things are moving slow but I could sense some movement. So I would say that by the end of 2009 and the outset of 2010 – Aaal iz Well!

Have a Sparkling 2010. Spread more smiles!


Chakoli said...

you too have a great year ahead :)

i guess in 2009 everyone was in same state of mind....(this is about people around me )... and I feel this was a troublesome year for many :)
but nw 2010 is here...so no fear... take care :)

shoOOonya said...

Wish u a fantastic and glorious Year ahead ...